Marvin Lewis: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Kevin HitchcockContributor IOctober 2, 2008

     Let me start by saying that I have never claimed to be a professional writer, blogger, or thinker for that matter. I'm just your run of the mill fan for the most pathetic organization in professional sports.

     As a member of the Cincinnati Bengals message boards, I get to read countless opinions from hundreds of fans regarding any and all topics relating to the Cincinnati Bengals. With the way this season has begun (0-4), many of us on the boards have been analyzing this franchise and talking about which direction they need to go. While many ideas are filled with buffoonery and immaturity, some of the ideas (on paper at least) seem like they'd be worth a try.

     One of the hottest topics at the moment is whether or not Marvin Lewis, aka Giggles the Clown, should be allowed to continue leading this team's fall into the 1990's, or if he should be relieved of his duties ASAP. Trying to be as neutral as possible, I will weigh the pros and cons of the potential firing of Marvin Lewis. First, we'll start with the pros.


  • With many fans questioning owner Mike Brown's desire to win, it would show that he will not tolerate the abysmal performance any longer.
  • Since many fans, myself included, feel that Lewis has lost control of the locker room, this would either bring in a new face or promote a current staff member with a chance to "rally the troops," so to speak.
  • Potential to hire a proven Head Coach.


  • Without also firing the offensive coordinator, the staleness of this offensive unit would remain.
  • Mike Brown would still be the captain sailing this rapidly sinking ship.
  • The head coaching duties would probably be given to someone on an interim basis. How hard would the players play for a "maybe" head coach?
  • What proven head coach would want to come to Cincinnati knowing that without a GM, they could be undermined by the owner at the drop of a hat?

     I'm sure there are many additional pros and cons on this topic, but I'll leave those for the readers of this article to comment on.