You Can't Beat The Sox In October

Colin CoulahanCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

What a game.  In game one of Boston and LA's ALDS, the Red Sox win 4-1 putting their 8 regular season losses to the Angels behind them.  I was pretty shocked at how little of a fight the Halos put up, and how dominant Lester was.  

First of all, Lester has proven he stays in the rotation for years to come.  Boston needs to keep this kid around.  He had a great year with a no-hitter tossed in there, and has shown he can stay that solid in October.  I can't wait to see more of him in the play-offs.  He might need to do a few more games with Beckett's health questionable.  Another number to look at was his ground balls to fly balls ratio, 11-4.  When you can clip the Angels wings they will have trouble with the scoring.

Jed Lowrie had a few stumbles, but he bounced back quick.  He has looked much better than the black hole of offense that is Lugo.  I wasn't sure on how he would after making a mistake in the postseason, but a few ground balls did the trick.  

Lackey was on as he could be.  He held the Sox lineup to 2 runs and had the curveball moving.  Anytime you can sit Papi down on one pitch in two at bats is a good night. Did you see how mad Ortiz was after his second plate appearance?  As soon as it went up he knew he shouldn't have swung and showed it.  Honestly, that's what I want to see from sluggers.  You expect these guys to tear it up and when they don't I want to see emotion.

How bout Vlad?  12 of his 13 postseason hits have been singles.  He is like Alex Rodriguez in October for LA.  They needed a big hit and all he could do was bloop it in and then get shot down on a horrible run.  He looked like a little league player out there.  Stop, go, stop, look, then go.  You cannot do that on the base paths with Youkilis and Lowell out there, you will get gunned down.

Jason Bay was the hero last night.  In his first playoff game, Lackey made a mistake with location and Bay made him pay (great ryhme I know).  A two run shot put the Sox on top.  Bay is no Manny at the plate but he looked like it last night.  I can't wait to see what else he can do.

This is not the Angels team I expected to see in game 1.  I've said it before that their bats go hot and cold too frequently and last night they showed it.  They better get a spark in their swings soon or this series loss will be embarrassing.

I really cannot wait for game 2.  Hopefully LA can bounce back but can I be honest?  You do not beat this lineup in October.  When they play they way they did last night Boston is the top team.  If LA can't light up their bats I really do see another sweep happening.