New York Mets and Power of Belief: Will It Work for Sandy Alderson's Team?

Korbid ThompsonContributor IMarch 21, 2011

Does Sandy Alderson believe enough in his plan to actually make it work?
Does Sandy Alderson believe enough in his plan to actually make it work?Andrew Burton/Getty Images

In the past few days, Sandy Alderson has made two decisions that New York Mets fans wanted the previous regime to make virtually all of last year. Bottom line: Cut Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez.

What that says to me is that Alderson does take public perception seriously, whether it be the right or wrong thing to do. Alderson and the Mets brass have made it clear that they will work within the framework of what they have, even if it means eating close to $20 million of salary on two players who are no longer with the team. So, I will at least give them credit for that. It's refreshing to know that money is not the dominating factor in certain personnel decisions.

This also leads me to believe that the triumvirate of Alderson, J.P. Ricciardi and Paul DePodesta at least have a plan. After all, you don't look to eat that much money without one. Evidently, there is a belief that the Mets will be able to move forward in 2011 with a revamped bullpen (now minus Perez), and a new second baseman. Even more than that, the brass believes that the leaders and veterans on this group will bounce back from down and injured years.

Make no mistake that the power of belief can do more wonders than anyone thinks is possible. For me the only question is, does Alderson and company really believe what they are selling to the public, or are they tremendous actors? I have to think they believe in their plan. Fred and Jeff Wilpon have to believe in their plan. Their future as Mets owners could depend on it.

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