2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Who Has Offered a First-Round Pick for Kevin Kolb?

Daniel LewigCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2011

2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Who Has Offered a First-Round Pick for Kevin Kolb?

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    Sports Illustrated's Peter King has come out with a juicy rumor this morning, stating that one NFL team has already made a first-round pick offer for Philadelphia's Kevin Kolb.

    The 26-year-old quarterback is on the block one year after he was believed to be the new franchise quarterback. Head coach Andy Reid believed in him enough to show icon Donovan McNabb to the door. Reid believed in Kolb enough to be willing to trade McNabb even in the same division.

    The question is, what team made the first-round offer?

    It's not often a quarterback with the potential capability like Kolb comes on the market. In this quarterback-driven league, taking a chance with a first-round pick is worth the roll of the dice with a quarterback who has at least taken snaps in the NFL. If any of the interested teams were also interested in drafting a quarterback with their first-round pick, it would be less risky to trade for Kolb than to draft a quarterback.

    So who is stepping up and being aggressive?

    Here are the potential teams that could be vying for Kolb's services.

1) Seattle Seahawks

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    It seems as if Pete Carroll may be having second thoughts on Charlie Whitehurst as the future quarterback in Seattle. He may have many supporters, as many Seattle fans have been wondering the same thing.

    But Carroll has noticed one thing: You need a quarterback to win in this league, and you have to keep shopping and searching until you find one. So it doesn't matter if he spent a draft pick last year on a quarterback. What matters is to keep spending until you find one.

    With the 25th overall draft pick, it isn't like the Seahawks are going to set the franchise back the way a team would with the first or second overall pick if the pick busts. 

    If Seattle decided Matt Hasselbeck has taken it as far as he's going to be able to at this stage in his career, Carroll would be the coach to take another shot on a quarterback.


    Percent chance they are the team to offer the first-round pick: 75 percent

    Reasons Why:

    —West Coast Offense
    —Low First-Round Pick

2) Miami Dolphins

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    Miami fans have been waiting since 1999 for a quarterback to emerge who would be worthy to tie Dan Marino's shoelaces.

    They are still waiting.

    Chad Henne appears to be running out of time to show he can be that guy, and head coach Tony Sparano is running out of time as well. If Miami doesn't make the playoffs this year, there's a high chance he won't be returning to the team in 2012.

    Miami doesn't have time to draft and develop another quarterback, but it does have time to acquire one packaged with NFL experience. The only negative is Kolb has only been in a system that runs the West Coast offense, something Miami doesn't run. Can he succeed in a different offense? Is it worth trading a first-round pick to find out?

    Percent chance they are the team to offer the first round pick: 25 percent

    Reasons Why:

    —Doesn't run the West Coast Offense

    —GM Jeff Ireland is reluctant to trade Miami's pick

3) Minnesota Vikings

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    To put it simply, the Vikings are the team that needs Kolb the most. Minnesota has a new man in charge in Leslie Frazier. Each new man needs his new QB. With the old man gone and Minnesota built to win now, it needs a guy who can help it re-emerge in the NFC North.

    Pair Kevin Kolb with Adrian Peterson, and if Minnesota can re-sign Sidney Rice, Minnesota's offense can become explosive once again.


    Percent chance they are the team to offer the first-round pick: 75 percent

    Reasons Why:

    —West Coast Offense

4) Washington Redskins

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    If at first you don't succeed...

    The McNabb era in Washington is over and out after one season. Mike Shanahan needs a guy who can run his offense. But is Kolb that guy?

    It would be hard to see Washington as the team to make a first-round offer, as the last time they got a guy who could only run the West Coast offense, it didn't go so well.

    They would have to be more convinced that Kolb could transition to a different offense than what they first thought with McNabb.


    Percent chance they are the team to offer the first-round pick: 35 percent

    Reasons Why:

    —No West Coast Offense
    —Still Desperate
    —Lack of Other Compelling Options

5) San Francisco 49ers

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    New head coach Jim Harbaugh is searching for a new quarterback, but it's hard to envision Kolb as the pick—not because of a great fit, but because of the rumors so far. It would appear it is a lower pick that has been offered, and Philadelphia is searching around to see if anyone would like to top the offer it has.

    The 49ers could eventually top that offer, but it's just hard to see them making the initial offer.

    Percent chance they are the team to offer the first-round pick: 15 percent

    Reasons Why:

    —West Coast Offense
    —High First-Round Pick
    —Philadelphia Holding Out for Higher Pick

6) Arizona Cardinals

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    Well, we already know who Larry Fitzgerald wants. The question is, does Arizona agree? And does it agree at the cost of the No. 5 overall pick?

    For the reasons mentioned with the 49ers, it's hard to see the first-round pick reportedly offered to Philadelphia coming from Arizona. However, it would be a great idea for them to do so. Nothing helps a team get out of the cellar more than a quarterback upgrade.

    I mean, just look at what Chad Pennington did for the Miami Dolphins from 2008 to 2009, taking them from a 1-15 embarrassment to an 11-5 division crown.

    It may be a high draft pick, but Kolb would be worth the risk. Just remember that someone like Andy Reid was willing to stake his future in him just as soon as a year ago. If not for Michael Vick, Kolb would still probably be the future.

    Percent chance they are the team to offer the first-round pick: Five percent

    Reasons Why:

    —West Coast Offense
    —High First-Round Pick
    —First-Round Pick Reportedly Lower Draft Pick