A In depth look at the MLB divisional playoff round

Mark RussoContributor IOctober 1, 2008

This is the year of the trade if you ask me.  Almost every single one of the teams that is in this mix has made some type of trade landing a star in their city.  The White Sox acquired Griffey back in late July.  The Red Sox and Dodgers were involved with a blockbuster that sent Manny to the Dodgers and Jason Bay to Boston.  The  Angels acquired not only Teixeira but also Tori Hunter in this off season.  The Phillies acquired Joe Blanton back in mid July as well to add some experience to their pitching staff.  The Brewers end up landing C.C. Sabathia in a mid season acquisition that put them on top of the wild card race.  The only team not to make a blockbuster deal this year is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  All of these teams had some way or another added a star to their roster and give it to their General Mangers because obviously these teams are in the playoffs.   think this is going to be one of the most exciting playoffs in the last 4 years.  We have some very good match-ups in both leagues.  Here are a couple of my predictions. 


Angels Vs Red Sox

    I think that this series is going to be intense and it is hard for me to see it go less then 5 games.  I think the only thing holding me back from saying Red Sox is because of Josh Beckett's status.  Now if Beckett is able to actually go 5 + innings in his outing and if their bullpen is allowed tor est a little in that game then i give the advantage to Boston.  I think that the Angels pitching is up to par however there are too many inconsistencies in that rotation for me to be convinced.  I say the Red Sox in five.

Devil Rays  or (Rays for all you bandwagon fans) Vs White Sox

   I think this is going to be the highest scoring series out of the rest because of the pitching staffs of both their teams.  I think that the White Sox staff is going to be lagging after being in the race until the 163rd game of the season.  Their pitching staff has been on a 3-day rest rotation for the last couple of weeks.  The only thing is the White Sox Can hit the ball and that is going to be a problem for the Rays.  I think the Rays have the pitching staff to take one at home but i see the White Sox goign into Chicago with a win and will take the next two.  I say the White Sox in 4.


Cubs Vs Dodgers

   This is going to be the best race in the National league in the first round because I really have no idea how the Cubs are going to play.  Me and everyone else in the country would love to see the Cubs make it to the World Series but will the curse hold them back yet again?  I dont think so!!  I see Zambrano finally calming down in a big situation and getting a big win for them.  And i highly doubt that Dempster, Harden, and Lilly will let a win slip away fro them as well.  I see the Cubs taking down Manny and the Dodgers in 4.


Phillies Vs Brewers

   This is the easiest race to to guess on.  The Brew Crew i think are drained out at this point and i do not see them winning three games unless CC can pitch every game which he probably could.  This is an easy one and i am not wasting time on it.  Phillies in 4 only because CC will win. 


All in all this is going to be an exciting playoff and i am not making any other predictions until the first round is over.  To the victor does go the spoils and this is going to be one hell of a Playoff race.