NFLPA Should Demand All Prospects Boycott 2011 NFL Draft

WesAnalyst IMarch 15, 2011

Big dream of his.
Big dream of his.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Since when did putting on a multi-thousand dollar suit, donning a $20 cap, holding up a dorky personalized No. 1 jersey and getting a picture taken with mom and your new boss equate to a dream?

Apparently, it's the latest craze in America, because everyone is up in arms that the NFLPA is asking potential draft picks to skip out on the NFL Draft and depriving these young men of the one moment they have been waiting for all their lives.

Oh. My. Goodness.

When you were a kid, didn't you dream of throwing a game winning touchdown to Lynn Swann, Jerry Rice, Michaell Irvin or Santonio Holmes?

Or maybe you dreamed of picking off Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, John Elway or Tom Brady.

Kids must be sitting in their basements today announcing, "With the first pick in the 2032 draft, the Detroit Lions select..."

And how could I forget about the indelible images of Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman walking up the stage as the league's top draft pick?

Those are the moments you don't forget. It's not when they hoisted up the Lombardi Trophy and cemented their place in football immortality.

Even better are those who say the NFLPA is using the prospects as pawns.

Somewhere when people forgot what the real dreams were, they also forgot how to use their brains.

The current NFL players are not only making a stand to benefit themselves. They are also doing it to benefit future generations.

Is it right up there with some of the most noble stances of all time?

Of course not.

But by fighting the owners, the current players are willing to risk the salaries and take a hit from the public. 

The least a bunch of college kids can do is skip out on a trip to New York and the chance to be surrounded by a bunch of people who will unrelentlessly build up their already over-inflated ego.