50 Biggest Boneheads in NFL History

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50 Biggest Boneheads in NFL History
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I realize the following list could potentially be construed as insulting, and worse yet, ironic, if written by a substandard journalist.

That’s why this morning, so as to prevent embroiling myself in any kind of journalistic double standard, I took the Wonderlic test. Or at least the watered-down ESPN Page 2 version of it.


The following list is both insulting and ironic.

Two notes before we begin our journey:

1.  A special mention goes to Richard Langford, who (unbeknownst to him) contributed greatly to this writing. While researching my selections, I found that just two months ago RL had compiled a very similar slideshow: The 25 Dumbest Players In NFL History. In an attempt not to copy him directly, I included all 25 of his entries. Thank you Richard Langford. Fifty percent of this slideshow belongs to you.

2. The last time this Internet historian attempted such an all-encompassing list (shamelessly self-promoting link), I asked for help because I knew I’d need it. This time, I ask the same. Should you think of anyone not on the list (and there will be many), add him to the comments. As soon as we get to a deserving 100, I’ll do another list. In short, help me do my job. The unemployment rate is too high.

Also, when some kid 20 years from now makes a slideshow chronicling the 50 biggest boneheads in B/R history, I’d prefer not to be on it.

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