MLB: The Chicago Cubs To Offer a Piece of the American Dream to Someone

Dominic ErricoCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2011

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 05: Carlos Beltran #15 of the New York Mets lets the ball get away from him after it hit off of the wall on a triple by Tyler Colvin of the Chicago Cubs in the 4th inning at Wrigley Field on September 5, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Mets defeated the Cubs 18-5. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The beauty about living in America is the ability to chase your dreams.  No one can hold you back from pursuing that which you love, except for yourself.

Baseball has always been at the heart of America.  It's the game parents teach their children to love, and every small town in this great country of ours has a Little League. 

The best thing about baseball is the tradition.  The pomp and circumstance of Opening Day throughout the league is simply amazing. 

Close your eyes and picture your first visit to a baseball game when you were a child. 

The organ music, the beer and popcorn vendors calling out for your attention and, of course, at the heart of it all, the voice of the public address announcer letting you know exactly what was happening with each at-bat. 

The Chicago Cubs are looking for a Public Address Announcer to replace 16-year veteran Paul Friedman.  The intriguing part about how they are conducting their job search is the fact that they have opened it up to the public. 

Thousands of hopefuls have flooded YouTube with their audition videos to become the next "Voice of Wrigley Field."

I am one of them.  You can view my audition here.

I might be at a disadvantage over many of the other candidates because I live in Pittsburgh, and (being honest here) I am not a Cubs fan.  Not yet at least.

What we all share in common though is passion for the game. 

Type in "Chicago Cubs PA Announcer" in the search field at, and give them a look.  There are some real gems, but all of the videos share one thing: baseball fans showing passion for the game.

It doesn't get any more American than that.