NFL Free Agency: The Impact of Bob Sanders to the San Diego Chargers

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NFL Free Agency: The Impact of Bob Sanders to the San Diego Chargers
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I've resided in San Diego since 1990, and I've never gone to a parade here.  I've been to Disneyland, but seeing Goofy trip over himself like Kramer isn't the same thrill as seeing your favorite player stroll down the streets of your city with a ring on his finger or a trophy hoisted in the air.  

I've been through the Humphries days, the Natrone Means days, even the Brees and LT days, and still, no ring.  Philip Rivers is going to win a ring, there's no question about it.  It's been one thing one year, and then another thing the other.  Only this offseason, the Chargers made a big time move.  More of a gamble really, but that's what makes it so exciting.  The move that is going to put the Chargers over the edge, is the one year signing of safety Bob Sanders.  

Bob Sanders is everything the Chargers need.  They lack an emotional leader on defense now that Merriman is gone, and Sanders is exactly the emotional leader they are looking for.  Sanders is an excellent example of someone leading by example.

San Diego also lacks a hard-hitting safety on defense.  No offense Eric Weddle, I just don't use the hit stick button when I play with you in Madden.  With Bob Sanders, I'm on the right analog stick all day. 

In 2007, Sanders was voted the AP Defensive Player of the Year for the Indianapolis Colts.  It was the same year the Colts beat the Bears in the Super Bowl.  There's no arguing that when healthy, Sanders is one of the most highly touted players at his position.  Bob knows where to be in coverage, how to disguise himself, and how to be opportunistic on defense.  He's exactly the kind of player San Diego is looking for.  

There's no denying Sanders would've been a nice fit on any team.  Lucky for San Diego fans A.J. Smith jumped on him first.  Some would consider the signing of Bob Sanders an unorthodox move by the Chargers.  As a longtime fan, I would agree with that assessment.  However, Sanders is not an issue off the field and he doesn't complain.  The only aspect of Sanders game that's truly disheartening, is the consequence of him laying it all on the line for his team.

"Does that sound like something you might be interested in (Bob from Entourage)."

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