Philadelphia Eagles: Why Brian Westbrook Shouldn't Be Welcomed Back

WesAnalyst IMarch 7, 2011

One of the best in Eagles history.
One of the best in Eagles history.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A lot of people associated with the Philadelphia Eagles want one thing or another this offseason.

Kevin Kolb wants to be traded, teammates are asking Brandon Graham for loans, fans are begging for Nnamdi Asomugha, David Akers wants a long-term deal and now Brian Westbrook is making his case for a return to Philly.

Kolb's deal has almost no shot of going down, Graham's wallet is probably tighter than a drum, the fans' cries are likely falling on deaf ears and Akers can start looking somewhere else.

But Westbrook's request?

According to him, he has been in close contact with Andy Reid, even though it may violate the league's tampering policy. Those talks have people thinking Westbrook may return east for another season where he is so beloved, though.

It would make for a good story; the fans would get riled up, and he would be more than welcomed in the locker room.

The only problem—and it's a big one—is the move doesn't help the Eagles win football games.

LeSean McCoy is in the backfield as a versatile back with an explosive first step and pretty good speed in the open field. It would make sense to compliment a back like him with a big, physical runner; not an aging, versatile back whose first step is currently average and whose open-field speed cannot be determined because he can't find the open field.

Maybe if Westbrook was a quarterback, and the Eagles drafted a young, promising QB, the move would make sense. He would be a mentor and teach the future face of the franchise.

But Westbrook is a running back, and McCoy not only learned without Westbrook on the team this past year, but he flourished as well.

Financially, it makes sense for Westbrook to try and get one more paycheck. No one is going to begrudge a man for trying to make some extra cash.

With all due respect though, please go off into the sunset B-West. 

Walk away as one of the greatest running backs in Eagles history, and don't return as a backup who may only play in half a dozen games, racking up around 300 yards.

Hey, if everyone is asking for things that are unlikely to happen, why can't this fan ask for something that is at least logical?