2011 San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft: Post-Combine Edition

BobContributor IIMarch 6, 2011

2011 San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft: Post-Combine Edition

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    This is my post-combine edition of the 2011 San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft. 

    The 49ers will look to find a quarterback in this draft. It doesn't appear that any of the quarterbacks in this draft can start right away, but there are a few with potential. The 49ers might pick up some in the middle rounds.

    The 49ers need to add a cornerback and at least one pass rusher.

    Here are my round-by-round selections for the 49ers, taking into account where players should be after the 49ers select in each of those rounds. 

    Please feel free to leave comments, but note this is the post-combine edition.

Round 1, Pick 7: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

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    If Peterson falls to No. 7, then this pick is a no brainier. 

    If Peterson isn't available, the other picks worth consideration are Marcell Dareus, A.J. Green, Von Miller, Julio Jones and Robert Quinn—in that order. Prince Amukamara is another possibility, but at this point of the draft a defensive lineman, wide receiver or rushing outside linebacker would be an excellent choice. I think if any of these players aren't available then the 49ers might trade back.

    Green and Jones are the talent of the wide receiver class. I know the 49ers already have Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan, but from a value standpoint these receivers would be hard to pass up.

Round 2, Pick 13 (45th Overall): Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona

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    The second round is where the 49ers could add a pass rusher such as Reed, who had a great combine.  Reed probably won't last till the third round, so the 49ers will have to pick him up in Round 2. 

    I had the 49ers picking a quarterback in the second round in my last mock, but I think they will look for someone later and trade for a quarterback such as Josh Johnson.

Round 3, Pick 12 (76th Overall): Siona Fua, NT, Stanford

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    The 49ers pick up a nose tackle prospect behind Franklin and Jean Francois.

    Franklin might not be back next year and is in his 30's. Fua also is familiar with the 49ers defense, which is a big head start for a nose tackle.

Round 4, Pick 11: Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware

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    I think the 49ers should heavily pursue a younger quarterback via trade. 

    I think some of the better trades would be Josh Johnson or Matt Flynn. With Johnson and Flynn it might only take a 3rd round or 4th round pick. I'm not big on Kevin Kolb because what Philly wants in return, probably a 1st round pick, is too great.

    Delvin has good accuracy which will help in the West Coast offense.

Round 4, Pick 18 (from San Diego): Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh

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    The running back class is deep this year, as it has been in recent years.

    Because of his size, Dion Lewis might fall this low, even though it's hard for me to believe.

    Dion Lewis is the change-of-pace back the 49ers have been talking about drafting for the past few years.  He's also more of a west coast offense back, similar to the guy he succeeded at Pittsburgh, LeSean McCoy.

Round 5, Pick 10: Mark Herzlich, OLB, Boston College

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    If Herzlich can return to his form before cancer, this will be a great pick. 

    Herzlich would be good value at this point of the draft.

Round 6, Pick 9: Tyrod Taylor, QB, Virginia Tech

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    Taylor could go higher than this given his athleticism, but he's an intriguing prospect who is similar to Michael Vick. If he's around in round 6 the 49ers should pick him up given they have two picks in this round.

    Taylor could play quarterback, or the 49ers could move him to wide receiver.

Round 6, Pick 25 (from Seattle): Ryan Winterswyk, DE, Boise State

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    Winterswyk might be able to move to outside linebacker. 

    If he could add another 20 to 30 pounds, he could play defensive end in the 49ers' 3-4. 

Round 7, Pick 7 (from Detroit): Zane Taylor, C, Utah

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    Zane could add additional depth on the offensive line, especially if Eric Heitman doesn't return to his previous form.

Round 7, Pick 8: Lazarius Levingston, DE, LSU

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    The 49ers love to add SEC defensive linemen in the later rounds of the draft.

Undrafted Free Agents

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    Scott Tolzien, QB, Wisconsin (pictured)

    Anthony Gray, NT, Southern Mississippi

    Junior Tui'one, OLB, Utah

    Scott Lutru, ILB, UConn

    Tori Gurley, WR, South Carolina

    Ryan Taylor, FB, North Carolina

    Byron Bell, OT, New Mexico