2011 NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles' 7-Round, Post-NFL Combine Mock Draft

Michael Mill@@MikeMill23Senior Analyst IIIMarch 4, 2011

2011 NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles' 7-Round, Post-NFL Combine Mock Draft

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    A little over a week ago I posted my first seven round mock draft for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Since that mock, we have all had the opportunity to watch the 2011 NFL Combine. The results have shaken up things in many mock drafts, including mine.

    The Eagles are just a step away from finally achieving the greatest price in all of sports. A few key players could be the difference in a division that is going to improve dramatically next season.

    Like my previous mock draft, this mock will be done assuming there are no trades (primarily Kevin Kolb).

    With the 2011 NFL Combine in the books, here is my updated seven round mock draft for the Philadelphia Eagles.

1. Brandon Harris (CB, Miami)

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    Previously: Jimmy Smith (CB, Colorado)

    Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris?

    That was the question before this weeks combine.

    Smith out performed Harris in almost every measurable drill. So why the change to Harris?

    It all comes down to the on-field drills. Smith struggled during the drills. He had tight hips, and didn't look fluent in his movements. Although he ran faster than Harris, he looked much slower during the on-field exercises.

    Football isn't a game where you run in a straight line. It comes down to play on the field.

    Harris looked better at the combine, and he looks better on tape. He plays the ball well, and isn't going to shy away from contact.

2. Marcus Cannon (OG, Texas Christian)

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    Previously: Ben Ijalana (OG, Villanova)

    This comes down to one question. Will Marcus Cannon still be available?

    Cannon had one of the more impressive workouts among the offensive lineman earlier this week.

    However, it may have been enough to move him up draft charts into the earlier parts of the second round.

    If this is the case, he obviously won't be available for the Eagles at the 23rd pick in the second round.

    Ijalana should still be available at the Eagles selection if Cannon is gone. He didn't participate in the Senior Bowl or the Combine this year due to injury.

3. Bruce Carter (OLB, North Carolina)

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    Previously: Bruce Carter (OLB, North Carolina)

    I have to stick with Carter on this one.

    Carter is a second round talent that could end up slipping due to injury.

    He recently had ACL reconstructive surgery on his left knee in December.

    If there is one thing that the Eagles organization will not back away from, it's a player coming off of an ACL injury. Just look at their recent history for proof.

    After hearing Juan Castillo talk about his plans to simplify the defense, I couldn't think of a better fit for Carter. The Tarheels play a defense that sounds similar to what Castillo has in mind.

    Carter had 215 tackles, three interceptions and a forced fumble in his four years at North Carolina

4. James Brewer (OT, Indiana)

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    Previously: James Brewer (OT, Indiana)

    Brewer is a very athletic offensive tackle who has had a career riddled with injuries.

    Many experts project that Brewer could be a second round pick if he didn't have the injury concerns.

    There is no question that the Eagles need a lot of help on the offensive line. Earlier in this mock they address the right guard position by selecting Marcus Cannon.

    Now they give competition to Winston Justice by selecting Brewer.

    Brewer is a raw talent. He will be a project and won't start right away.

    With Howard Mudd as the new offensive line coach, it should be interesting to see if he can turn this athletic prospect into a steal.

4. Jeron Johnson (SS, Boise State)

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    Previously: Robert Sands (FS, West Virginia)

    Robert Sands is an interesting talent. During the combine he looked fast in drills, but during the on-field activities he looked sluggish and inconsistent.

    Two safeties that will be available in the later rounds did stand out at the combine.

    Idaho's Keo Shiloh looked smooth as silk during on-field drills. Boise State's Jeron Johnson also had a great weekend.

    I question Shiloh's ability to play consistently against the pass. I'm leaning towards Johnson with this selection.

    Johnson ran a 4.53 second 40-yard dash time. It was one of the best times for a safety. He accompanied it with a good performance in the on-field drills.

    The Eagles will need more depth at safety, especially with the unknown future of Quintin Mikell.

5. Jake Kirkpatrick (C, Texas Christian)

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    Previously: Jake Kirkpatrick (C, Texas Christian)

    Jake Kirkpatrick wasn't invited to the 2011 NFL Combine.

    A part of me feels bad for Kirkpatrick, and another part of me is happy that he didn't have the ability to showcase his talents.

    It probably would have helped his stock in the upcoming draft.

    Kirkpatrick is another raw prospect on the offensive line. He didn't play football until his senior year in high school.

    In one year he earned a scholarship to TCU. Once he arrived, he started at center immediately. For the next four years he contributed to the success of one of the best offensive lines in the country.

    It's obvious Kirkpatrick is a quick learner.

    Why not give allow him to work with Howard Mudd, the best teacher the NFL has to offer?

5. Buster Skrine (CB, Chattanooga)

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    Previously: Markus White (DE, Florida State)

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Buster Skrine's 40-yard dash time.

    Well, maybe a little. 4.29 seconds is pretty impressive.

    Skrine actually looked great in all the drills at the combine. He looked fast and fluent in the on-field exercises, and caught everyone's attention during the measurable drills.

    The combine is not the single source to go to when evaluating talent. I went back and watched two Chattanooga games from this season.

    Skrine looked phenomenal.

    He was aggressive. He was quick in and out of cuts. He hit hard. He showed great ball skills. Every once in awhile he would work himself out of position, but was quick to recover due to his speed.

    The only down side was the competition he was playing against.

    That's why he is a fifth round pick. The choice could end as a failure, but it's worth the chance at this point in the draft.

7. Markus White (DE, Florida State)

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    Previously: Ryan Jones (CB, Northwest Missouri State)

    Markus White looked bad at the combine.

    Really bad.

    Bad enough to drop his stock from the late fifth round to as late as the seventh round.

    That's not to say a team won't take a chance on him before this pick, but if he is still around the Eagles should take him.

    As I've mentioned before, the combine shouldn't be the only source for evaluating talent.

    However, It did raise concerns about White's ability. He was slow, did horrible on the bench press, and simply disappeared among a talented defensive line group.

    The Eagles can't go the entire draft without giving Jim Washburn a defensive lineman. Andy Reid is likely to make a move long before the seventh round.

    Hopefully he waits. There are bigger needs to address.