Dallas Cowboys: Big Skills and Big Fundamentals

John B. HaffordContributor IMarch 3, 2011

DeMarcus Van Dyke, Miami
DeMarcus Van Dyke, MiamiJamie Sabau/Getty Images

I hate the off-season.  I know how all-important the combine is with the scouting.  But, I love the guts and glory of the regular and post-seasons.  Yet, there would be no guts in glory in the regular and post-seasons without the time and energy put into the combine.  With that said, I managed to catch a glimpse of LSU's Patrick Peterson and saw that he ran a 4.34 40 yarder.  DemArcus Van Dyke ran 4.28 in the 40.  Van Dyke has the edge over Peterson twice: that he ran faster and his name is DeMarcus.  I saw Van Dyke run and for all intents and purposes, it doe not look like he'll be tripping over furniture, unlike his namesake, Dick Van Dyke.  Thank goodness, because the last thing the Dallas Cowboys need is a clumsy defensive back.

In all seriousness, my opinion is that Dallas needs a younger, faster and skilled cornerback.  Our O and D Lines do need some work and I believe that the lines will be strengthened.  But, what has always concerned me is why our CB's and kick-returners have had such a hard time measuring up against the rest of the NFL.  The basic and core elements -the fundamentals- must always be on the front burner and those fundamentals begin with the O and D Lines.  But those fundamentals also translate to the skill positions.

Concerning the O Line, the first things I'd like changed are the center and some OT's.  Gurode has made too many mis-naps to be feeling too cozy about his job future.  Gronkowski, what else can be said except that miscues happen.  But, when a miscue -or slowness- send the Dallas QB to the doctor, Mr. Gronkowksi also might want to re-evaluate his job prospects.

Defense-wise, the biggest problem -Dallas's biggest problem PERIOD- has already been addressed and acted upon by Mr. Jones.  What was once our biggest problem is now, thankfully, the Houston Texans biggest problem.  But, there is still the problem of Jenkins and Ball.  Personally, I like Ball given that he was one of the many who stepped it up after Garrett was promoted.  A few good games at the end of the season may not say much, but Ball did pretty good in keeping pace with McCann on special teams, as I recall.  However, he also caughed up some big hair balls that would have become turn-overs had it not been for Jesse Holley keeping his eye on the ball.  As for Jenkins, he had one good season and one very bad season.  He also didn't show much spark under Garrett.  I say, cut him and draft Van Dyke or Peterson and place them at CB.

But, then again, I have not been watching much of the combine and it is just my opinion.  What say you True Blue Fans?


P.S. To the editors, I have decided to run with my original draft because whoever did the last edit totally neutered the article.  Thank you.