A.J. Hawk, Hero: an Open Letter to the Green Bay Packers Organization

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIMarch 2, 2011

A.J. Hawk:  please don't go!
A.J. Hawk: please don't go!Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dear Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Coaching Staff and Players,

While listening to the six o'clock news this fine, cold, Wisconsin evening, Manpig maintained a steady chatter while mowing down supper.  As I am a multi-tasker, I was half listening to Manpig ramble on about the budget reform bill that the State of Wisconsin is currently battling and half listening to the reporter on the news.  When sports came on, I nearly choked on my brat.

A.J. Hawk was released from the Packers?  WHAT?!

Manpig, who is not a multi-tasker, nearly inhaled his brat through his nasal cavity.  Have you ever tried to pick sauerkraut out of your nose?  It isn't pretty, nor it is a pleasant experience for the missus that has to assist.

A.J. Hawk?  Really? 

Manpig and I discussed this, after we could both stop screaming at the television.  Manpig stated that A.J. Hawk was not the player that the Packers thought he was going to be and he didn't hear his name mentioned during games all season.  I disagreed and stated that A.J. Hawk was a leader on the team.  With every single game I watched this season, when the defense was on the field, A.J. Hawk directed his team mates.  He was out there making sure that the defense was doing what they needed to do, which, due to the defense, resulted in the Packer's Super Bowl win.  My argument, which was quite heated and to the point, included the fact that the reporters covering the Packer games are in love with Clay Matthews. Clay Matthews is awesome, and many people love his style of play, but A.J. Hawk played in all the regular season games in the 2010 season.  He had 111 tackles.  He had three interceptions.  And, he helped the Packers win the Super Bowl!

A.J. Hawk, as we all probably know, is a free agent this year.  Ted, according to ESPN, you stated, "With A.J., the business side of the game is driving this decision.  We're hopeful that we can continue to work with A.J. to have him be a part of our team in the future." 

Me, too!

So, Green Bay Packers, here is the situation.  I have four nephews, two of them being rabid Packer fans (their mother has taught them well).  My other two nephews reside in Colorado, and are Bronco's fans and their mother has been given a strict talking to, to no avail... 

My nephew, C.J., loves football.  He collects football cards with a passion that I have never seen before in a ten year old boy.  He has gone to one Packer game for his birthday, and, obviously, had an awesome time.  He plans on playing Pop Warner football this season, which means that this proud auntie will be plunked in a bleacher seat, screaming at the top of her lungs once the snow clears.  This kid can quote statistics like nobody's business and he loves to talk football.  Yes, he is a pretty amazing kid, and I am a proud Aunt.  What can I say?

Prior to Christmas this year, I wracked my brain to think of something that would top the WWE tickets Manpig and I bought for C.J. and Bryce, his younger brother, for Christmas.  What would both boys like that they wouldn't destroy in five minutes?  The answer came to me in the form of a Packers jersey.  I purchased C.J. a Clay Matthews jersey and Bryce an Aaron Rodgers jersey.  It seemed like a safe bet that both boys would be happy, as they love anything and all things Packers.  Like I said, they are pretty amazing kids.  The time to open their gifts came and when they opened them, smiles lit up the faces of two little boys. Their shirts were shucked off and the jerseys went on.  Our beagle's football was tossed between the two boys, with our beagle playing defense until her little legs just about gave out.  The children, however, seemed to have an unlimited supply of energy, much to the chagrin of their ol' Aunt and Uncle...

I asked the boys how they liked their gifts, just to make sure that my street cred as favorite present-purchasing aunt was secure.  Bryce, who is pretty easy going, said his jersey was awesome.  Of course it was!  It was Aaron Rodgers' jersey!  I turned to C.J., who is entering those rotten child years (also known as pre-middle school), and asked him the same question.  His response?

"Yeah, Matthews is okay, Aunt Jack, but I like A.J. Hawk better." 

Then, the child proceeded to rattle off statistics at such a break-neck speed that all I could do was stare.  The kid is obviously gifted, although his lack of interest in Clay Matthews is puzzling to his elder family members. 

It was with great regret that I called my sister-in-law, Diane, tonight, after I stopped choking.  Diane barely got "hello" out of her mouth before I blurted out that A.J. Hawk was released from the Packers.  Diane's response?  "C.J. is going to be devastated."  She proceeded to tell her oldest son the news and the boy was speechless until he blurted out, "WHAT?  WHY?!"

So, yeah...  This is the main part of the reason that I hope that the Green Bay Packers resign A.J. Hawk before the CBA deadline.  My nephew is devastated.  The other, equally important part is that the Packers need an experienced veteran like A.J. Hawk on their team to ensure that the Packers continue to have a chance at the Super Bowl next year.  Losing veterans is one thing that seems to kill championship teams!  And what Packer fan doesn't want a repeat Super Bowl appearance?  And win?

Please work this out, guys.  And please push for the 2011 football season.