Greg McElroy: 10 Teams That May Draft the Smartest Quarterback at Combine

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2011

Greg McElroy: 10 Teams That May Draft the Smartest Quarterback at Combine

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    Quarterback Greg McElroy scored a 48 on his Wonderlic test. A perfect score is 50. This is an amazing feat for any person, not just an athlete, and it definitely will factor into where McElroy gets drafted in April.

    McElroy has not been considered a top-five quarterback prospect, and it is not expected that he will go in the first two rounds of the draft, but will his performance on the Wonderlic force teams to re-evaluate McElroy?

    A quarterback that smart will have an easier time picking up the pro game and reading and reacting to the much faster defenses.

    Even if McElroy is not seen as being as gifted athletically as Cam Newton, the argument for McElroy always is the Tom Brady one.

    Brady was not selected until the sixth round and he has three Super Bowl rings and a date with Canton at some point in the future.

    So which teams may take a chance on McElroy? Read on to find out . . .

10. New England Patriots

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    Bill Belichick values brains in his quarterbacks. He wants a smart guy behind center.

    Tom Brady is still in his prime, but Belichick knows Brady can go down at any moment and you have to put in a Matt Cassel.

    With as many picks as the Patriots have in the first three rounds, Belichick may end up using his third-round pick on McElroy. By then, Belichick already has addressed all the team's needs and he can start adding depth and bringing in projects.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jaguars' starting quarterback, David Garrard, has not been the quarterback head coach Jack Del Rio wants him to be.

    The Jaguars offense is carried by running back Maurice Jones-Drew, so this is a perfect environment for McElroy to come into.

    McElroy had a great running game at Alabama that did not force him to carry the offense on his shoulders.

    If Garrard continues to falter, McElroy could be inserted, having worked in a pro-style offense at Alabama.

8. Cleveland Browns

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    Cleveland Browns team president Mike Holmgren has stated he will take a quarterback at some point in the draft.

    That won't happen in the first few rounds unless the Browns trade for more picks, but if McElroy is still on the board in the fourth round, Holmgren might consider him.

    If McElroy is still on the board in the fifth round, I think it is an almost certain "yes."

    McElroy's skills would work fine in a West Coast offense that relies on short passes. McElroy's arm strength is questionable, but so is Colt McCoy's, and he will be getting the keys to the kingdom for the beginning of the 2011 season.

7. Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks are going to draft a quarterback at some point, even if they re-sign Matt Hasselbeck.

    If Charlie Whitehurst was the quarterback of the future for the Seahawks, they would not be trying to re-sign 80-year-old Matt Hasselbeck.

    Hasselbeck is good, but he is not great. Therefore, you do not try and sign an aging quarterback who is not named Peyton Manning unless you have no other option.

    McElroy would be a great way to add a little more depth to the position and see if Whitehurst is up to the challenge.

6. Minnesota Vikings

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    The Vikings are in an interesting position because Joe Webb showed promise in his brief appearance last season.

    That being said, just how much of a future does he have at quarterback? The Vikings were going to convert him to wide receiver until fate intervened.

    The Vikings may have their sights set on a Jake Locker or even Cam Newton, but if they cannot get one of the "prized" quarterbacks of the draft, McElroy now becomes an option.

    McElroy is a tough quarterback who would fit right in with Minnesota. His mechanics are solid and accuracy can be worked on.

5. Miami Dolphins

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    Tony Sparano was picked to coach the Dolphins by Bill Parcells, who also mentored Bill Belichick. That means we have another team who values brains in their quarterbacks over other attributes.

    The only problem in Miami is you will have a quarterback in McElroy who will be smarter than the offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll. This could be a problem, but if Sparano has the final word, then the issue is a moot point.

    The Dolphins will be forced very early in the season to reconcile their need to have a more productive offense against the reality of having one of the worst offensive coordinators in the NFL.

    McElroy may be an option because he will be smart enough to pick up the offense, read the defense and know when the play being called just will not work.

4. Carolina Panthers

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    Jimmy Clausen's career will end up being short and unremarkable. The Panthers drafted three quarterbacks last year and they still do not have one they can rely on to lead the franchise.

    Clausen will be the starting quarterback by default, but the Panthers still need depth. Drafting McElroy at the beginning of the third round, when he most likely still will be on the board, would be a great move by the Panthers should Clausen get injured or falter again.

    They cannot do any worse.

3. Houston Texans

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    Since most teams looking to draft McElroy will be doing it to add depth to the position, the Texans are a team to consider.

    After Matt Schaub, the Texans have Dan Orlovsky and Matt Leinart.

    Leinart is a free agent who probably will not stay in Houston as a third-string quarterback and is arrogant enough to punch his ticket out of town.

    McElroy gives the Texans good depth and would be a fine late-round pickup if he lasts that long.

2. Tennessee Titans

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    The Titans are another team that may be drafting two quarterbacks this year. The Titans certainly are going to go after a Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton to start immediately, but they really have no depth at the position.

    Kerry Collins is not getting any younger and there really is no certain depth after that. There are names on the roster, but no certainty that any of them will be there once camp opens in August (assuming the season goes on as planned).

    McElroy becomes the depth the Titans want and hope they do not have to use in 2011.

1. San Francisco 49ers

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    No one knows what the 49ers are going to do in regards to their quarterback situation, which is exactly how they want it.

    McElroy is scouted to be a good fit for the West Coast offense, so do not be surprised if you hear his name called for the 49ers on draft weekend.

    With a quarterback as smart as McElroy is, there is a lot of upside to developing his physical skills. Even if he is not ready this year, he might end up being the savior down the road.