John Fox: Kyle Orton Is Denver Broncos Starting QB for Now

Michael Keller@@MichaelK_NFLAnalyst IIIFebruary 24, 2011

Kyle Orton still slinging the Bronco pigskin next year?
Kyle Orton still slinging the Bronco pigskin next year?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Bill Williamson of just wrote an article where he quotes Denver Broncos head coach John Fox as saying Kyle Orton is the starting QB at this time.

Fox was asked by the media who the starting Denver Broncos QB was, and he said it was the incumbent Orton.

But then, in a smaller group, Fox was asked what that meant, and Williamson quotes Fox as saying, "I can’t predict Week 1, so it’s today. We’ll see."

As many of us here on Bleacher Report have said, this is a far-from-settled issue.

Williamson wrote, "Fox said it will be a competition, and he indicated it could be well into training camp before any decision is made."

I know there are many Tim Tebow supporters, both here in Denver and in Florida, who may not want there to be any question as to who will be the starter, but this issue will go on into the offseason and into OTAs.

Mr. Williamson said as much when he wrote, "I know there is a faction inside Denver’s building that wants to give Tebow a chance and that is the sentiment of [some of] the fanbase.

"The start of the Fox regime is the perfect time to start the Tebow era."

It is clear that a lot can happen between now and the beginning of next season—assuming there is a first regular season game—but I do think it makes for interesting speculation and will keep the blogs churning between now and then.

As of today, there are three QBs on the Broncos roster, and there can be no question that competition will loom because all three are very competitive individuals.

I am of the opinion that with all the uncertainty surrounding the player-ownership issues, there is a real possibility that Orton may not get traded before the season starts. If so, then we will have a genuine QB controversy right here in our little cow town.

Like it or not.