NFL Trade Predictions: Nick Barnett and 8 Players Who Have Burned Their Bridges

Brian Shannon@bshannon15Correspondent IApril 14, 2011

NFL Trade Predictions: Nick Barnett and 8 Players Who Have Burned Their Bridges

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    The NFL lockout remains in effect and until the situation is resolved, no one is going anywhere, but there are plenty of players who are waiting to head to a new destination before next season. 

    Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Barnett could be one of the those players as he waits to hear whether or not the Super Bowl champs want him back, or whether he will stay on the block.

    The quarterback position is another spot that could see a lot of shuffling this offseason as many teams have a need and a few teams have multiple players capable at the position.

    Obviously the NFL draft will have a big impact on which players stay and which players go once the lockout is resolved, but here are eight players who have a good chance of being moved before the start of next season.

Kevin Kolb

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    Kolb put together some really good games last season in wins over the Falcons and Niners, but he also had a couple of poor outings and after the solid play of Michael Vick, Kolb is looking for a new job.

    The Eagles will almost certainly move Kolb just like they moved Donovan McNabb before last season. It's nice having a backup quarterback who is as capable of coming in and leading their team to victory as Kolb is, but the asking price for the 26-year-old will be quite high so the Eagles would like to pull the trigger now.

    The Texas native does not have a ton of pro experience, but he has attempted 319 passes and showed promise at times, so he will most likely garner a first-round pick considering the Seahawks gave up a third and swapped second-rounders with the Chargers last season to acquire 28-year-old Charlie Whitehurst who had never attempted a pass in a regular-season NFL game.

Kyle Orton

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    Orton has put together two solid seasons in a row in Denver, but with Tim Tebow waiting in the wings his time could be done in the Mile-High City.

    New Broncos head coach John Fox named Orton the starter for now, but there is still a good possibility that the depth chart could change and Tebow would become the new starter.

    Fox even said he's looking forward to seeing Brady Quinn play, but we all know that the Broncos shouldn't go down that road.

    The 28-year-old completed 58.8 percent of his passes last season, 24th best in the league, but he only threw nine interceptions compared to 20 touchdowns.

    In a league where the talent pool at the quarterback position has been watered down as of late, Orton is certainly a serviceable candidate for a team in need of a new signal-caller.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Ochocinco has spent his time during the lockout working on his budding professional soccer career. Alright so maybe it's going nowhere in a hurry, but at least he will be in shape once football does resume.

    The 33-year-old put up solid but not spectacular numbers last season for the Bengals, catching 67 passes for 831 yards and four touchdowns. After a poor 2008 season, Ochocinco responded with a 1,000-yard season in 2009, but he seemed to regress a little once again this past season.

    Ochocinco isn't getting any younger and many teams will be wary of taking on the perceived baggage that comes along with the former Oregon State star. In the end the price shouldn't be all that high for the six-time Pro Bowler and some team will take a chance on the aging receiver.

Carson Palmer

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    Ochocinco isn't the only Bengal who wants out of Cincy, quarterback Carson Palmer can't leave town quick enough.

    Unfortunately for Palmer the Bengals have balked at the quarterback's demands and it is unlikely that he will be going anywhere anytime soon. At first glance, the 31-year-old's numbers weren't all that bad last season as he completed 61.8 percent of his passes while throwing 26 touchdowns, but then there was the 20 interceptions. 


    Palmer threw the third-most interceptions in the league, and to compound matters many of his INTs came at the worst possible times considering the Bengals lost five games by six points or less last season. He threw nine interceptions during those five games and during the Bengals four wins last season he threw a total of just two picks, both of which came in the same game.

    Had Palmer been more careful with the ball, the Bengals likely would have had more than four wins and none of this would have started in the first place, but he didn't, and now he is on his way out, maybe.


    Or he will just retire.

Steve Smith

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    It could be an interesting offseason for Steve Smith—both Steve Smith's—as the Giants put a second-round tender on their Steve Smith, but let's talk about the Panthers receiver for now.

    Smith will turn 32 before the start of the NFL season, actually he may turn 33 before the start of the next NFL season, but just like Ochocinco he doesn't have time machine.

    The California native had his worst season since his rookie year, which could be partially contributed to the dynamic quarterback duo of Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen, who combined to complete a whopping 53 percent of their passes while throwing 19 interceptions. Actually that is the main reason for Smith's statistical decline and with Cam Newton potentially on the way (not exactly Mr. Accurate despite what his 280 NCAA pass attempts might say), now might be a good time for the 5'9" receiver to jump ship.

    If the Panthers are to get anything of value for their top receiver, now is the time to deal (once the lockout ends).

Reggie Bush

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    If you thought the Raiders were dumb for taking a kicker in the first round when they selected Sebastian Janikowski with the 17th pick in 2000, then you must really hate the Saints pick of punt returner Reggie Bush with the second-overall pick in 2006.

    OK Saints fans calm down, I know Bush has done things other than returning punts, like carry the ball an average of 105 times a season. Bush does have 294 receptions during his five-year career which is a pretty good number for a guy that plays running back, and the 26-year-old does offer some great versatility when he is healthy, but is it too soon to label him as a bit of a bust?

    I don't think so.

    Bush has been a disappointment at the very least during his time in the NFL, and I'm not just talking about the fact that his biggest college accomplishments have now been all but erased, no really check his  Wikipedia, but he hasn't lived up to the hype that surrounded him as he entered the professional ranks.

    Bush could end up staying in New Orleans but the Saints would probably be better served to cut ties with their former first-rounder and work to further develop Chris Ivory instead.


Donovan McNabb

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    So Daniel Snyder brought in a big name during the offseason and it didn't work out, like that ever happens.  The good news for 'Skins fans is that the lockout prevents Snyder from signing or trading for anyone at the moment, and maybe Washington will be more productive in the draft this season because of it.

    As for McNabb, it looks like he will be playing for his third different team in the past three seasons, and many are speculating that he could eventually land in Minnesota, which once again will depend on how the chips fall in New York in a couple of weeks.

    Some cry that McNabb never got a fair deal in Washington, but after 472 pass attempts and 15 interceptions compared to just 14 touchdowns, I'd say the Skins are justified in their search for a new quarterback.

    McNabb will turn 35 during the 2011 season and although quarterbacks typically stay in the league longer than most, age is a concern for a quarterback like McNabb who relies so heavily on throwing the deep ball.

    It will be interesting to see what the Skins get for McNabb. I'm guessing it won't be a lot, but Washington would be smart to move in a new and younger direction next season.

Marion Barber

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    So much for the three-headed monster that was supposed to be the Cowboys rushing attack. I don't think the 3.9 yards-per-carry last season from the Dallas big three is going to cut it. When Jon Kitna averages more yards per carry than any of your three running backs, you are in trouble.

    6-10 kind of trouble.

    The blame shouldn't totally fall on the shoulders of the Cowboys running backs because Jerry Jones did have to have that shiny new toy named Dez Bryant in the first round last season instead of getting an offensive lineman who could have saved quarterback Tony Romo from pain and punishment last season and opened some holes for the three-headed monster.

    But really who could have seen that coming?

    Instead the running game suffered and now someone has to pay, and that someone is soon to be 28-year-old Marion Barber, who at 28 is clearly way past his running back prime.

    Barber ran for 3.3 yards-per-carry last season, and by doing so he didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence heading into 2011. If Barber isn't traded, he will most likely be cut, and while that is the most likely scenario, he could be shopped to a team looking for some cheap veteran help in the backfield.