Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Prospects Not Named Domonic Brown Who Could See MLB

Ryan WolcottContributor IIFebruary 23, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Prospects Not Named Domonic Brown Who Could See MLB

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    With spring training having begun, some of the prospects will be trying to earn their spot on the starting lineup, or at least their spot in the 25-man roster.

    Yesterday we saw the Cole Hamels is due to start the spring training game against the Yankees in Tampa, FL, and Vance Worley is to be the long reliever for that game. With the rotation and bullpen stocked the way that it is, how likely is it that Worley will see major league play time during the regular season?

    Besides Dominic Brown, how likely is it that any of these young prospects will see major league playing time in the 2011 season?

10. Jonathan Singleton

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    Jonathan Singleton is ranked by Baseball America as the best power hitter and best strike zone discipline hitter of the Phillies prospects. Singleton can play first base and outfield.

    It is likely that he will spend the entire season in the minor leagues, but that is only because he finds himself behind Ryan Howard and Ross Gload for first base and Ben Francisco, Dominic Brown, John Mayberry Jr. and Ross Gload for outfield.

    Still, he still may have an opportunity to prove himself in the majors, which would likely come in the incidence of an injury. I personally hope it is not for that reason, but I am curious to see how he fits in the majors.

9. Vance Worley

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    Vance Worley already has had the opportunity to play in the majors in 2010, and he did quite well while doing so. He pitched in five games, starting two of them, pitching for a total 13 innings. Worley was 1-1 with an ERA of 1.38, 12 strikeouts, four walks, and a 0.92 WHIP.

    If his numbers continued to be that good in the majors, he would be a definite shining star among the prospects, but it just so happens that he is behind the best major league rotation and a packed bullpen.

    Worley is behind six starters who will definitely find themselves on the 25-man roster, one of which will find himself in the bullpen. The starting rotation for the majors is Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton.

    Kyle Kendrick will find himself coming out of the bullpen this season, assuming his is not covering for one of the former five if they were injured.

    The best chance that Worley sees major league play this season is if J.C. Romero takes on an injury again.

8. Justin De Fratus

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    Justin De Fratus played Single-A baseball last year, where he pitched for 35.1 innings at an ERA of 2.04. He was 2-0 but also had 12 saves.

    He is a solid young reliever, but he is hoped to become a future closer. He may be able to see some time in the majors during this season.

7. Brody Colvin

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    Brody Colvin may not see major league playing time this year, but he will be working through the ranks this year as he proves that he is a great player with a lot of potential.

    He started 27 minor league games in 2010 and had an ERA of 3.39 with 120 strikeouts, 42 walks, and a WHIP of 1.30.

    He is only 20, so watch out for him in the future.

6. Jiwan James

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    Jiwan James has a lot of potential and has a lot of tools, but he still needs a lot of seasoning. He was, however, ranked by Baseball America as the best base stealer of the Phillies prospects.

    He could break out this year and see some major league playing time, although he has a lot of rungs to climb through the depth chart as he, too, is an outfielder.

5. Antonio Bastardo

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    Antonio Bastardo is a young player with some major league experience already, where he performed decently well. In 25 games where he played 18.2 innings, he pitched for an ERA of 4.34 with 26 strikeouts, nine walks, and a WHIP of 1.50.

    He still needs some improvement, but he performed well enough and could see some major league play this season.

4. Sebastian Valle

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    Sebastian Valle is a 20-year-old catcher for the Phillies minor league teams. He will likely be the catcher who will replace Carlos Ruiz several years down the road.

    He has a lot of potential and has performed well in the minor league system. He is a great defensive player and has the potential to have a big bat as well.

    The thing really holding him in the minors is the fact that he is behind both Carlos Ruiz and Brian Schneider.

3. Trevor May

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    Trevor May is one of the best pitchers in the Phillies prospect system. In 2010, he pitched for 135 innings with a 4.00 ERA, 182 strikeouts, 81 walks, and a WHIP of 1.37.

    Since he is only 21, he has time to improve above those numbers, and he has a lot of potential to do so.

2. Matthew Rizzotti

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    Matthew Rizzotti is a 25-year-old currently playing for the Phillies Triple-A squad. He is a first baseman who may make a good replacement for Ross Gload is he were to be injured, retire, or when his contract expires.

    In 2010, Rizzotti batted for an average of .343 with 17 home runs, 76 RBI, and 59 walks. He maybe ready to make his major league debut this season.

1. Jarred Cosart

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    Jarred Cosart is perhaps the best pitcher of the prospects for the Phillies. He is 20 years old and has pitched for two seasons in the minor leagues. In 2010, he had an ERA of 3.79, with 77 strikeouts, 16 walks, and a WHIP of 1.07 in 71.1 innings pitched.

    There may be a very good chance that he will also make his major league debut, especially with Romero always a threat to take injury.

    Overall, all of these prospects do have a chance to win a spot on the starting lineup, but not much is really available. The only position that is in question is right field, but the Phillies have a great deal of depth to that position.

    However, who knows what spring training and the regular season will prove?