Herschel Walker: How Would He Look Back in the NFL at Age 50?

Rob KelleyCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2011

Walker was once one of the best all around backs in the NFL. Could he really make an impact at the age of 50?
Walker was once one of the best all around backs in the NFL. Could he really make an impact at the age of 50?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

He won the Heisman Trophy as a running back at the University of Georgia.

In 1982. 

He was one of the best running backs NCAA history, as he was the only player in NCAA history to finish in the top three in Heisman voting every season he played football.

He was perhaps the greatest player in the history of the shortlived—but ever so important —United States Football League (USFL).

That was from 1983-1985.

He went on to the NFL and became a premier back for the Dallas Cowboys before being involved in one of the biggest trades in league history, when he was sent to the Minnesota Vikings for five players and six draft picks.

It singlehandedly turned around an entire franchise.

That took place in 1989.

He went on to play for a few more teams, finished his pro career where it started, but was never the same player he was before the huge trade.

He was never utilized like he should have been and officially ended his playing career.

In 1997.

But he also has a fifth-degree black belt in tae kwon do and nearly made the Olympic team in the sprint relay. He did, however, compete in the 1992 Olympics in the two-man bobsled, finishing seventh.

He is one of the greatest athletes of all-time and has recently proved that age is just a number. At the age of 45, he appeared on the show Inside MMA as a guest and said that he would participate in an MMA reality show, where he would have a match at the conclusion of the series.

People took it as a joke, mainly due to some of the other names that have tried—and drastically failed—their luck inside the cage. 

Jose Canseco, anyone?

But he fought in two MMA matches in the Strikeforce cage and has been successful in both. He won his debut in 2010 at 47 by beating Greg Nagy in three rounds by TKO, and most recently won his second fight at the age of 48 by TKO in the first round over Scott Carson a month ago.

While he is continuing his MMA career, he has stated that he would like to make an NFL comeback.

At the age of 50.

If you have not yet figured it out (in case you happened to miss the headline), I am talking about none other than Herschel Walker.

Walker told reporters at a press conference a few weeks ago that he is 100 percent positive that he could make an impact for an NFL team.

Even at the age of 50.

He said that as recently as a year ago, he ran the 40 yard dash in under 4.40, which some collegiate running backs entering the NFL Draft in April cannot duplicate. He is a true freak of nature, but in the most positive way.

No one knows how Walker would fare in the NFL nowadays. He would be the oldest player in the history of the league to play a game if he were to pursue his dream of a comeback.

Quarterback/Kicker George Blanda was 48 in the 1975 season, and only two running backs have played past their 40th birthday.

But how could anyone doubt Walker? He continues to prove critics wrong that age is anything besides a number. He racked up 18,168 all-purpose yards, still good for eighth all time, over his 12 year career.

He looks as strong as ever and has said that if he does attempt a comeback, it would be for just one of two teams.

The Minnesota Vikings or the Atlanta Falcons.

He went on to say that the Falcons would be his first choice, because he is a "Georgia boy."

If he did sign with Atlanta, Walker would not be Michael Turner. He would not be Jason Snelling. He would not be counted on as heavily as those two, and neither would he expect the same number of carries.

But if Herschel Walker wants to play in the NFL in a year or so, I would absolutely give him a chance to try and complete perhaps the most improbable comeback in professional football history.

After all, he is in superior shape as he gets closer to the age of 50 than he was in his 20's.

And if you recall, he was pretty impressive back then as well.