No Need for the Fashion Police: The Top 15 Alternate Jerseys in the MLB

Henry Dorgan@HDthaTVmanContributor IFebruary 22, 2011

No Need for the Fashion Police: The Top 15 Alternate Jerseys in the MLB

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    Alternate jerseys are some of baseball fan's favorite things, along with extra innings and batters charging the mound. Why do these jerseys appeal to us so much? It could be the sleek designs, the rarity of the jerseys being worn, or the story behind the them.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately to some), the New York Yankees won't be featured on this list, being the only team to never wear alternate jerseys.

Honorable Mention: The Chicago White Sox' Black Jerseys

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    The White Sox alternate jerseys are very plain, but they work. All you need is a number, the logo, and some black. Personally, I love black on a uniform.

    The Sox wear these jerseys a lot, which devalues them slightly because alternate jerseys are supposed to be worn on specific occasions (such as Sundays or Holidays).

    All in all, if I wasn't a Twins fan, I would consider getting a Sox jersey.

15. The Arizona Diamondbacks' Red Jerseys

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    The Diamondbacks went through a makeover in 2007, and it was for the better. Those jerseys were quite dated and featured an odd color combination.

    The new jerseys remind me of the NHL Minnesota Wild's home jerseys, because the red and the "Dbacks" color is the same. These jerseys don't have as much going on—they are quite clean. 

    Personally I like the red ones better than the black ones, because the black ones seem too plain. But after those horrendous old jerseys, maybe plain is what the Dbacks need.

14. The Washington Nationals' Red Jerseys

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    This jersey is similar to the Chicago White Sox black jerseys, but personally, I like the red better.

    Our Nation's Capital knows what they're doing when they're designing jerseys. Their home and away jerseys are both sharp, and they represent all colors. If the Nationals could fit some navy in there, these jerseys could be in the top five. 

13. The New York Mets' Black Jerseys

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    These jerseys are successful because they keep a steady color base going. The hat and the jersey match perfectly with the colors. Plus, blue and orange are great colors for a team.

    Personally, the only thing I don't like about this jersey is the blue stripe on them. Otherwise, this is a solid alternative.

12. The Seattle Mariners' Navy Jerseys

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    These jerseys keep the entire color combination consistent. The navy is evident everywhere, and the hat is the same color as the jersey. (I hate it when they're different colors.) These jerseys look cool, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Mariners also added a green jersey.

11. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's Red Jerseys

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    The jerseys would be way higher, but the red-on-red numbers are somewhat hard to see. If they made the numbers white instead of red, these jerseys could easily be a top five alternate jersey

8. The Oakland Athletics' Green Jerseys

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    The dark green with yellow looks great in this jersey, and the hat is something I always see people wearing. Although white shoes look kind of strange in baseball uniforms, the Athletics use the white sneaks very well.

    This jersey has been worn on the road more than home, and it could be the best road alternate in the league.

9. The Florida Marlins' Black Jerseys

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    I like the logo on the hat, and the script on the jerseys is also cool. If they could whip out a teal uniform, I think it would be somewhat popular.

    I gotta feel for the players, however. The worst thing to wear in the 90 degree Florida sun is a black uniform. 

8. The Texas Rangers' Red Jerseys

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    Don't these jerseys just look awesome? The Rangers don't use red very much in their other jerseys, so I think it's great that they dedicated a whole jersey to a color that they don't wear. 

    Good job, Rangers. Good job.

7. The Kansas City Royals' Baby Blue Jerseys

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    Okay, now we're getting down to the wire. Although the Royals don't even have baby blue in any of their uniforms or logos, these jerseys are so sick! I love it because it just looks awesome, but the Royals players might like it because the colors aren't too dark, so it doesn't attract heat.

    The baby blue might look cool, but the Royals need to stop playing like babies.

6. The San Francisco Giants' Orange Jerseys

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    The Giants did two things right this season:

    1. Win the World Series.

    2. Stitch up orange jerseys.

    These jerseys go great with the cream pants, and they don't attract heat in the 'Cisco sun. Orange is a color teams tend to stay away from, and if they do go for it, it ends up ugly. 

    This doesn't apply to the Giants.

5. The Toronto Blue Jays' Throwback Jerseys

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    A blast from the past! These jerseys do one thing that most jerseys can't: feature the same color shirt and pants. The Pittsburgh Pirates' old jerseys had black pants and a black jersey, and even Wiz Khalifa had to say those were ugly.

    The Blue Jays know what they're doing when they sew up classics.

4. The Tampa Bay Rays' Navy Jerseys

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    The Rays pull this off because they play in a domed stadium, and they don't have to wear these too much outdoors. I'm speechless about these jerseys because they're so perfect. 

    My recommendation is to make a Tampa Bay script, and put it on this jersey. That would make an awesome road alternate uniform!

3. The Minnesota Twins' Throwback Jerseys

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    The best throwback jerseys in the league. No doubt about it. They combine the cream (much like the San Francisco Giants' Home jerseys) with a Minnesota Twins pinstripe look. These jerseys were to commemorate the Twins' 50th season in Minnesota, and these jerseys were so successful that the Twins will wear them this year.

2. The San Diego Padres' Camo Jerseys

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    These jerseys are either a hit or miss. I love these jerseys because they are truly American in an American pastime.

    These jerseys are no more, but the Padres are keeping up with the camo and making digital camo jerseys.

1. The Atlanta Braves' Navy Jerseys

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    Ah yes. The Braves' Alternate Road jerseys. These jerseys do what the Angels jerseys don't: they make the name and number easy to read with a white outline. 

    The Braves don't have any red in these jerseys, but that's alright. The hats are just an A, and it's all navy. 

    These jerseys are simple, but very effective.