Jorge Posada: Designated Hitter, Catcher, and a 2011 First Baseman?

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIFebruary 20, 2011

New York Yankees: Jorge Posada - Catcher, DH, First-Baseman?  (Photo Tweeted by John Feinsand)
New York Yankees: Jorge Posada - Catcher, DH, First-Baseman? (Photo Tweeted by John Feinsand)

There are multiple photos surfacing on Twitter of New York Yankees catcher playing first base. At a first glance, one would guess that it would be any random prospect wearing Posada's No. 20 jersey, but it really is the former New York Yankees starting catcher. 

That's an interesting way to refer to Posada, because for over a decade Yankee fans have been able to refer to him as the starting catcher. Now as time goes on, there are moments when a player has to move on and adjust to a new role. From the looks of it, Jorge Posada is doing very well at it, because of the team player that he is for the Yankees.

Jorge Posada has not shown any anger or frustration with Joe Girardi appointing Russell Martin the New York Yankees starting catcher.

Posada will be 40-years-old very soon and at 39, this is the age where the wear and tear of being a catcher starts to settle in. 

In the past, baseball has seen players like Ivan Rodriguez move to a backup role and start to play first base more often.

It is around that time for Posada, even though he feels like he can still catch every day. 

Working out Posada at first base should not alarm anyone that he will not be behind the plate in 2011. This is just the way that Spring Training workouts work. It is just very odd and funny to see No. 20 scooping up plays at first base for the New York Yankees. 

Posada may get in a few games at first base this year, if injuries were to occur to Mark Teixeira or Nick Swisher. Knowing the type of player that Posada is, he will take the field and perform at the same caliber that he did behind the plate without complaints. 

Here is Bryan Hoch's photo of Posada giving first base a try.