Five Reasons the Eagles Should Give DeSean Jackson a Big Contract

Jason KarlAnalyst IIIFebruary 20, 2011

Five Reasons the Eagles Should Give DeSean Jackson a Big Contract

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    DeSean Jackson is the most electrifying wide receiver in the game.

    His 4.35 speed and uncanny ability to beat the defense deep almost two to three times a game usually wins a couple of games for the Eagles.

    Scouts tea-bagged Jackson, calling him too small to make an impact on offense. Since then, Jackson has had a chip on his shoulder, making sure to prove every team that doubted him wrong.

    He has been unhappy about his contract for some time, as he is only going to be paid $565,000.

    Some believe he is a diva and should not be paid like a No. 1 wide receiver, but his impact on the offense is immense and cannot be replaced.

    Jackson deserves a new big contract, and especially at only 24, he is only going to improve his game.

Return Ability

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    What's so great about this picture is Giants head coach Tom Coughlin in the background!

    DeSean Jackson reportedly did not want to return punts on a consistent basis because he was obsessed with getting a new contract and felt that the punt returning would have an effect on his overall play at receiver.

    Though this may seem selfish, it's something the Eagles were actually considering before last season even began.

    If given a new contract, a motivated Jackson, playing with pride, would terrorize the opponent on punt returns.

    Jackson, half motivated, is arguably still a top-five return man.

    Just ask the Coughlin and the Giants.

Swagger and Leadership

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    Ask LaRon Landry if he will ever try to taunt DeSean Jackson before a game.

    Jackson was in a pre-game scuffle with Landry and the Redskins, which seemed to fire up the Eagles. On the Eagles first possession, Jackson backed up his words with an 88-yard touchdown, where he ran past the entire Redskins secondary.

    This set the tone for the rest of the game, as both the sides of the ball dominated, leading to a 59-28 blowout.

    Even if he is arrogant, sometimes that's not a bad thing.

    Jackson embraces the role as a vocal leader, as evidenced by a few postgame speeches, and his teammates certainly respect him.

    Even though Jackson is cocky, he is still one of the most popular players in the Eagles locker room.

    Jackson just wants to have fun out there and brings his swagger to the game, jump-starting the Eagles' offense.

One-Half of the Best WR Tandem in the League

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    DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are arguably the best tandem in the league, and they should sit on top for the next couple of seasons.

    Because of Jackson's elite playmaking skills and speed, teams focus on him much more than they do with Maclin.

    Naysayers bring up the fact that Jackson has had those one-catch-10-yard games, but again, that was because of teams trying to take Jackson out of the Eagles gameplan. Of course though, Andy Reid has no idea how to modify a gameplan in in-game situations.

    Maclin benefits greatly from single coverage, as he is a top 12 receiver in the league, and can easily beat the opposing team's second-best cornerback.

    Without Jackson, Maclin would be double-covered. Then who would Vick throw to? Riley Cooper? Eldra Buckley? Jason Avant?

Opens Up Offense

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    DeSean Jackson's talents allows the offense to be elite.

    This reason is more of a follow-up on the previous slide. LeSean McCoy at running back sees huge lanes with Jackson drawing coverage to him.

    Safeties play as far as 20 yards back to keep all the plays in front of them, opening up running lanes for Michael Vick as well.

    The Eagles can call more delays and draws and catch the defense off guard with running the ball.

    This also allows for short passes, quick screens and end arounds, something the Eagles love calling.

    If the Eagles can hit Jackson on the big play on their opening drive, the defense would play scared the rest of the game.


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    For his career, Jackson has averaged 18.3 yards per catch, and just last year averaged close to 23 yards per catch.

    His unique ability to score anywhere on the field keeps the Eagles alive in every game.

    Jackson can run quick screens as well as end arounds.

    Most importantly, Jackson runs go and streak routes on a consistent basis, and succeeds on these deep routes.

    With Michael Vick having one of the strongest arms in football, Jackson is a perfect fit.

    Not only can he win games on big plays on offense, he can perform in the return game, impacting the outcome of the game.