Bob Sanders Released By Indianapolis Colts: Should He Be On A.J. Smith's Radar?

Camden PaschAnalyst IIFebruary 20, 2011

The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year and two-time Pro Bowler, Bob Sanders, was released Friday afternoon by the Indianapolis Colts. 

The Colts, who signed Sanders to a five-year contract worth $37.5 million after the 2007 season, made the decision to let him go due to the fact that he has only played in nine games over the last three seasons.  

It's a shame that Sanders was hit with the injury bug so often, as he was one of the game's top defensive players when he was healthy.

The San Diego Chargers have 30 free agent situations to deal with this offseason. While not every player will be staying in San Diego for the next season, the core of the team will remain the same. Key names like Stephen Cooper, Kevin Burnett, Eric Weddle, Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson are all important Charger players that could leave this offseason.

It will be up to general manager A.J. Smith to make the correct decisions in trying to keep the team competitive and a power in the AFC. This is Smith's area of expertise that he normally is absolutely correct in. I expect him to keep the right players here and let the rest walk.

With that said, I do believe that free safety Eric Weddle will be re-signed and continue to play in navy and gold in the future. That means that one of the safety positions is solid while the other is left in the air.

To fill the strong safety position, the Chargers should sign a former beast in Bob Sanders. It appears that he will be healthy come the 2011 season and he could be had for way cheaper than he would be if he played the last three seasons.

Sanders and Weddle would make a ridiculously lethal duo in the secondary to go along with Jammer and Cason on the outsides.

The system that new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky uses calls for aggressive safeties and that is what both Weddle and Sanders are. Both are hard-hitters and can shake up any wide receiver or running back with a hit on any play. It would be extremely exciting to watch them both play for the San Diego Chargers defense.

Sanders is just 30 years old so his career is far from over as long as he can stay healthy. He could be the playmaker on defense that this team has been missing ever since Shawne Merriman went down with an injury several years ago. 

Make it happen A.J. Bring in Bob Sanders and give Manusky another defensive weapon to add to the arsenal.