Albert Pujols Contract Talks End: Move To Cubs Would Be Great for Baseball

Derek CrouseContributor IIIFebruary 16, 2011

How could a deal for Pujols work?
How could a deal for Pujols work?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

With the recent report that Albert Pujols will not get his contract terms negotiated before the end of the 2011 MLB season with the St. Louis Cardinals, the rumors will start to swirl where one of the biggest names in baseball will end up.

One of those teams that make sense are the Chicago Cubs...

They have new ownership in the Ricketts family and are looking to make waves with fans because of the "recent" lack of success the franchise has been under. If the owners are looking for more advertising dollars, acquiring the best baseball player currently will be a great head start.

The Cubs have been underachieving with overpaid players and a switch at the managers position came into fruition last season.

There is absolutely no way that the Cubs could get Pujols in a trade because the Cardinals would never let him be in the same division and due to the fact that he has a no-trade clause. The only way of obtaining him would be to wait for him next year in the free agent auction, which will be hard fought from all sides.

If the Cubs were to get Albert, the culture of the team might change overnight and the whole nation would have the Cubs in the headlines.

While this might not translate into wins and division titles at first, it will bring a buzz to Chicago baseball that has hasn't been around in a long time. This could be more exciting than the 2005 White Sox.

Baseball is lacking popularity as of late, and Pujols moving to a nationally followed team like the Cubs would help TV ratings, jersey sales and marketing ten-fold from a business standpoint. From Facebook to Twitter, it will be trending like LeBron during "The Decision". Baseball could have something again.

While this idea is in its infancy and sounds far-fetched, anything can happen in this era of free agency, and athletes being more important individually than part of a team.

Cubs fans, let the rumors start flying from the first pitch to the final out of the 2011 season!