Randy Moss: Top 25 Greatest Catches of His Career

Collin BerglundCorrespondent IIIFebruary 16, 2011

Randy Moss: Top 25 Greatest Catches of His Career

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    MINNEAPOLIS - OCTOBER 17:  Wide receiver Randy Moss #84 of the Minnesota Vikings catches a pass during the third quarter at Mall of America Field on October 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Cowboys 24-21.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/
    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    Randy Moss has made outstanding catches for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.  He has made a case to be the most talented receiver in history.

    While many question his effort (and have throughout his career), Moss has made a number of gravity-defying, earth-shattering catches.  Deceptive speed from his gazelle-like strides and hands made of stick 'em allow Moss to do the things you are about to re-witness in the following slides.

New England Vs. Miami

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    The replay shows Moss run straight into double-coverage, see the ball coming, slow down, allow the coverage to converge on him and then snag it while he is being pulled to the ground.


Dallas Vs. Minnesota

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    Daunte Culpepper finds Randy Moss deep in the end zone.  

    Watch Moss' body control to drag both toes and get the touchdown.  Watch how he stops dead just before catching the ball.

New England Vs. Jets

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    Moss makes a magnificent catch down the stretch against the Jets.  

    Again, showing his trademark body control, Moss dives out of bounds, dragging his toes at the last possible second.

New England Vs. Jets

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    Granted, Darrelle Revis was injured towards the end of this play, but this is vintage Moss.  

    He appears to be putting very little effort in with his running, but makes a ridiculous one-handed snag—naturally, in the end zone.

Minnesota Vs. Kansas City

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    A different kind of catch: Early in his career, Moss returned punts.

    This video doesn't show the catch, but catching punts has given a number of players problems throughout their careers.

    Moss's ability to catch a punt is impressive, and the return is just fun to watch.

Marshall Vs. Toledo

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    Moss has been making ridiculous catches since his college days at Marshall.  

    Watch his focus as he juggles this ball and comes down with it for the touchdown.

San Francisco Vs. Minnesota

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    Brett Favre sits in the pocket for about seven full seconds.  In the meantime, Moss meanders downfield in the way only he can.

    He goes up, gets the ball and scores a touchdown.  

    Typical Moss.

Marshall Vs. Army

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    Admittedly, this is not a spectacular catch, but look at Moss put on the moves.  

    A young Moss burns everyone for a 90-yard touchdown.  This was an oft-neglected part of Moss's game in the NFL.

Patriots Vs. Colts

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    Moss burns his corner and scores a touchdown.  

    Moss gave Brady the deep threat he lacked for much of his career with the Patriots.

Minnesota Vs. Dallas

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    A flea-flicker gave Moss the time he needed to cross the field and find the seam he needed to catch a touchdown.

Minnesota Vs. Green Bay

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    Moss's first touchdown on Monday Night Football brought the cornerback covering him to the ground and began Moss's legacy as a big-game player.

Marshall Vs. Furman

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    People forget just how good Moss was in college.  

    Beating up on inferior opponents, Moss was a force the likes of which Marshall had never seen and likely never will again.

New England Vs. Giants

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    Had to throw this one in.  No, he didn't catch it.  But if he did, just imagine the legend that would have started.

    Just a reminder that despite his greatness, Moss is still human and there's only so much any receiver can do.

Minnesota Vs. Jets

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    Randy Moss is used to making his own history.  Possibly one of his most significant catches came in making another legend's.  

    Moss caught Favre's 500th touchdown pass with one of the great quarterbacks in history throwing to one of the great wide receivers.  

Oakland Vs. Kansas City

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    Fast-forward to 1:55 before enjoying the rest of the Moss clips.  His great plays were fewer and farther between in the black and grey, but the talent was clearly still there.

Minnesota Vs. Jacksonville

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    Fast-forward to :58.  Just a quick clip of Moss in full coverage.  

    Watch his focus as he lets the ball come in along the end zone's baseline.

New England Vs. Cincinnati

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    FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Randy Moss #81 of the New England Patriots catches a pass as Johnathan Joseph #22 of the Cincinnati Bengals makes the tackle during the NFL season opener on September 12, 2010 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (P
    Elsa/Getty Images

    Watch Moss go up for a jump ball against Cincinnati.

    Pure athleticism.

New England Vs. Indianapolis

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    Fast-forward to 3:07.  Moss might not like going across the middle, but when he does, watch out.

    He can get a ball in traffic as well as any receiver in the league.

New England Vs. New York Giants

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    Fast forward to 1:56.  Watch Moss go up and get it against the Giants.

     And then watch him dance.  

    Moss is a great celebrator... most of the time, his accomplishments make him deserving.

Training Camp

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    The hand-eye coordination it takes to be a wide receiver at the NFL level is remarkable.  

    Receivers like Moss make it look so easy.  While most viewers probably they think they can make the same catches, the focus it takes is an impressive mental feat.

New England Vs. New York Giants

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    Another touchdown, another record broken for Moss.  

    The Patriots offense broke a number of records in 2007 and ended the regular season undefeated behind Moss' acrobatic catches.

Minnesota Vs. Oakland

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    Fast-forward to 1:22.  Moss doesn't know it, but he is eating up his future team.  

    Jump balls are Moss' specialty, as they should be for an athletic receiver with freakish height.

Minnesota Vs. Tampa Bay

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    At some point, Moss should trademark the one-handed catch.  

    He makes it look so easy—think about all the receivers that try it and fail.

Minnesota Vs. Detroit

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    Fast-forward to 2:02.  Is Detroit playing defense?  

    Or is Moss just that fast?


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    Just enjoy.  Talent like Moss doesn't come around all the time.

    He may be nearing the end of his career, but he's got some catches left in him.  Maybe he'll have catches in a Tennessee uniform on this list a year from now.