NFL Rumors: 10 Reasons Kevin Kolb Would Be Great For The Arizona Cardinals

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2011

NFL Rumors: 10 Reasons Kevin Kolb Would Be Great For The Arizona Cardinals

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    The Philadelphia Eagles put a franchise tag on Michael Vick Tuesday, which is yet another confirmation that Vick will be the leader heading into the 2011 season.

    After being promised a starting job in 2010, Kevin Kolb is now looking on from the sidelines. He has made it clear that he wants to be starting in 2011, which means he is on his way out of Philadelphia.

    ESPN analyst John Clayton said Tuesday that the Eagles could get a first and third round pick from the Arizona Cardinals for Kevin Kolb.

    With that said, it looks as if Kevin Kolb will be heading to the desert.

No. 10. Cardinal Fans Need Something To Cheer For

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    Since making it all the way to the Super Bowl just two seasons ago, the Cardinals have fallen to last place in the NFC West, the worst division in football.

    Transitioning from a Hall of Fame quarterback in Kurt Warner to a player like Derek Anderson must have given Cardinal fans a heart attack.

    Bringing in a quarterback like Kevin Kolb is all it takes to provide a spark in the fanbase.

No. 9. Matt Schaub Factor

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    Kevin Kolb and Matt Schaub are one and the same.

    Schaub was the backup in Atlanta from 2004-2006 and was considered the best backup in the league for a while.

    His transition to Houston was a great thing for him and for the fanbase who had never had a winning season.

    Kevin Kolb is one of the best backups in the league right now and he could do the same for Arizona that Schaub has done for Houston.

No. 8. NFC Worst

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    The Seattle Seahawks became the first NFL team ever to make it into the playoffs with a losing record.

    Although the Cardinals did finish with only five wins, they could have easily been in the situation that Seattle was in.

    With a solid quarterback, Arizona could easily contend in the NFC West next year and that is all that really matters.

No. 7. With The Pass Comes The Run

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    Running backs Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells have performed well together over the past couple years, but have not been elite.

    Part of the reason for this is how poorly the rest of the offense has played. Playing with a quarterback such as Kolb will open up play-action and the run game as well.

No. 6. Kolb Will Tear Up The Defense

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    After playing in and preparing for NFC East defenses like the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, Kolb will have an easier time facing defenses like Seattle or St. Louis.

    While some teams in the NFC West have promising defenses, they are nothing compared to those in the NFC East.

    Kolb should be able to destroy the secondaries of a lot of teams on the Cardinals schedule, something that Derek Anderson could not do.

No. 5. Experience

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    Aaron Rodgers waited behind and learned from Brett Favre.

    Kevin Kolb waited behind and learned from Donovan McNabb.

    The entire Cardinals quarterback roster waited behind nobody of importance. But, I'll take any learning experience I can get.

    While Kolb hasn't played in huge pressure situations, he has been a part of the Eagles for a few years and has been in a playoff-like atmosphere more than once.

    When the time comes for Kolb and the Cardinals to make the playoffs, he won't be scared out of his mind, like so many other quarterbacks.

No. 4. Kolb Fits The Style Of Arizona

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    The Philadelphia Eagles rely on speed in all forms of the game.

    They rely on it at the quarterback position by allowing Michael Vick to scramble whenever he wants.

    They rely on DeSean Jackson to run as fast as humanly possible and to make big plays.

    They rely on the speed of LeSean McCoy in the screen game.

    Kevin Kolb isn't too fast and, fortunately for him, the Cardinals are a much slower team. They run routes better and take more time with each possession. They have more of a power running game then the Eagles. Those things combined should play into the style of play that Kolb brings to the table.

No. 3. Who's Else Is There?

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    Goodbye Derek Anderson and goodbye Max Hall and John Skelton.

    None of those three quarterbacks have any chance of playing over Kolb and none have the potential that Kolb has.

    Derek Anderson had one good year with Cleveland, but he basically played his way out of a starting job last year in Arizona with terrible numbers.

    Rookies Hall and Skelton are average at best and probably will stay as backups, but they have a ton more work to do before they are legitimately ready to start in the NFL.

No. 2. Larry Fitzgerald

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    Larry Fitzgerald has the talent to be the best wide receiver in the NFL. It's plain and simple.

    He had a career worst year last year, but I blame that on the quarterback situation. If Kolb can get Fitzgerald the ball, his numbers may skyrocket like they did with Kurt Warner.

    Now, I'm not comparing Warner and Kolb, but still I think that poor decisions were made last year that caused Fitzgerald to go into a slump.

No. 1. Kolb Is Ready For Stardom

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    Basically, all the other reasons combine to make this one: Kevin Kolb is ready for stardom.

    He's had the experience, he's played and learned with great players and he's had a taste of stardom in the few games he started for the Eagles.

    He has worked on his skills since he came to the NFL. If he goes to Arizona, he will be playing with great players, like Fitzgerald, who will be able to push him to that next level.

    In the NFC West, I see no reason why Kolb can't literally take over the division. I see the only obstacles for him as the St. Louis offense and the 49ers defense, but there are obstacles everywhere.

    Kolb to the Cardinals would be great for the city and for Kolb himself.