Oakland Raiders Closer To Elite As They Sign New DB Coach Rod Woodson

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 15, 2011

Rod Woodson jokes with Michael Irvin. Woodson is once again a Raider!
Rod Woodson jokes with Michael Irvin. Woodson is once again a Raider!Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It's like pennies from heaven or a huge gathering of former Oakland Raider elite players. Al Davis has been working like a madman from the blackness of the dark hole, bringing in the best choices for the current Raider roster to train from.

Last week the Oakland Raiders brought in former linebacker Greg Biekert who was an all-star player for the Silver and Black in the late 90's to early 2000's. Then the Oakland Raiders brought in Steve Wizsniewski to help coach the offensive line. Lastly is this outstanding move to bring in one the best CBs to play the game, Rod Woodson. Woodson is a caliber coach and respected throughout the entire NFL.

"It's an honor to be back with the Raiders and be able to talk to Raider players about true football, I'm looking forward to working with the organization and the challenges of the 2011 season." Spoken like a true champion.Raider fans, Rod Woodson rocks!

Imagine being a young Jacoby Ford on the field playing as the greats are on the sideline pushing their players to bring the greatness back to Oakland. Imagine just being a fan and seeing these guys on the sidelines. Greg Biekert, Rod Woodson, Steve Wiszniewski and Raiders' former defensive coach Chuck Bresnahan were brought on board to give newly-hired head coach Hue Jackson the best opportunity to get a 12-4 record next season.

It is simply wonderful news for the Oakland Raiders and their legendary Raidernation of fans! The team had been in a slump for about a decade and then Al Davis goes out and calls on the formers to get this team back to eliteness.

Last season was merely a hint of what the Raiders could accomplish without names like the above.

At the start of last season, the team had been a bit confused about the QB issue between Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski. In the long run, Jason Campbell retained leadership and won some big games for the Silver and Black. This season, he should be a huge fantasy QB when you add up all the talent surrounding him.

Looking at what the Raiders have done so far, one could suspect that the Raiders will be after a veteran WR and some offensive linemen to protect Jason Campbell. Bringing in Rod Woodson only adds to the secondary threat.

Obviously Asomugha is staying, but the Oakland Raiders were in dire need of a CB to compliment the pro-bowler. Chris Johnson and Walter McFadden looked horrible and Al Davis seems to have found a perfect solution.

There is still some doubt as to the WR's. Darius Heyward-Bey is still looking like a bust and Chaz Schilens is always hurt or injured. Jacoby Ford and Louis Murphy are the two that will be vieing for leadership role as WR, but overall, the WRs need dramatic improvement and structure.

Let's hope newly-arrived coach Al Saunders can correct the problem. Al Davis loves the deep threat so Saunders better get his act together and get ready to get that ball to the fastest WR's out there. Jason Campbell and the Oakland Raiders have a touch of the past on their sidelines, so the hunger has to be there.

I still cant believe it, Rod Woodson returns to the Raiders. I am certain the AFC West opponents are a bit worried. Silver and Black BABY!!!!!