MLB Trade Rumors: Should New York Yankees Get Edwin Jackson? 10 Pros and Cons

Kate Conroy@@ladylovespinsSenior Analyst IIFebruary 15, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: Should New York Yankees Get Edwin Jackson? 10 Pros and Cons

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    It is no secret that the New York Yankees will be shopping for starting pitching.

    How desperately has yet to be seen, as spring training just started and all eyes will be on the mound. It is comforting that the Bronx Bombers have the trade-bait to lure teams.

    Trades with teams who don’t look to be in contention pre-All-Star break are especially likely, as it then makes perfect sense to begin looking towards next season and to trade a top pitcher who still has market-value.

    Rumors are swirling of talks between the Yankees and Chicago White Sox trade, specifically about Edwin Jackson and how much he would cost for the Bombers to attain him.

    Is this trade a good idea for the Yankees?

    This is tough question, as even I can’t decide if Jackson would excel in the Bronx. The Yankees have to see what holes can be filled internally and what prospects and players they are willing to give up. 

    So, let's weigh out both 10 pros and cons on whether trading for Edwin Jackson is worthwhile.

Pitching Well In The AL...

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    In the first-half of 2010, Jackson had a 6-10 record with a 5.16 ERA pitching in the Arizona Diamondbacks rotation.

    Jackson was traded to the White Sox in July of 2010 and was significantly better; making 11 starts, Jackson went 4-2, with a 3.24 ERA.

    Chicago's US Cellular Field is hitter-friendly and Jackson definitely stepped it up upon arriving in Chicago, but he still wasn’t enough to push the team into the playoffs.

White Sox Rotation Is Too Full....

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    Jackson is expendable, as Chicago is overloaded in the rotation.

    With ace Jake Peavy slated to return in May or June, they need to make room on the roster. And add that to the possibility of rookie phenom Chris Sales being moved from the bullpen to the rotation.

    It would be foolish to send a solid starter to the minors due to overcrowding when they could be traded for other needs that need filling.

Yankees Would Have Upper Hand

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    The No. 2 reason might give the Yankees the upper hand in a trade: Chicago will have to move a pitcher, and presumably it would be a priority to acquire players where the team needs it.

    Even though the Yankees could be desperate for a starter, so are the White Sox not to miss their chance.

    Plus the Yankees can take on any salary and the White Sox would be happy to oblige.

Innings Pitched....

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    Jackson is an innings eater as he threw 209 last seasons, and in 2009 he gave the Tigers 213 innings pitched.

    Jackson also throws a lot of strikes as he fanned 181 batters in 2010 and 161 the year before.

Thank You Don Copper...

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    Jackson, did not just have a string of good luck in his 11 starts in Chicago, he got fixed.

    White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper is a genius when it comes to pinpointing mechanical flaws that no one else even picked up on.

    Cooper pushed to trade the White Sox best pitching prospect to get Jackson from the D-backs. Cooper saw the problem when watching video of Jackson and said he could fix it.

    The proof is in Jackson’s reductions in walks, going from 60 as a D-back down to 18 as a White Sox last season.

Pitching A Walk-A-Thon

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    The drop in walks is staggering but it was the first time in Jackson’s career opposing teams looked as if they were at a track meet on the bases.

    From 2007-2009 Jackson walked 235 batters, which is so overwhelming that he has to prove himself unreliable, which can be decided in the first half of 2011.

    Jackson’s career number of walks per innings is four per nine…YIKES!

AJ Burnett's Twin....

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    The Yankees have their hands filled with AJ Burnett mechanics this season, so acquiring his pitching twin is way too much chaos for one team to handle.

    By no means am I undervaluing new pitching coach Larry Rothschild because he is one of the best, but it’s his first year with this team.

    Remember that Burnett might not get fixed right away, but I have faith he will get there.

Home Sweet Home...

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    Jackson debuted in September 2003 at age 19, and was one of the Los Angeles Dodgers most coveted prospects. He spent the next two seasons in Los Angeles, going back and forth between the minors and the majors.

    Now 27, the White Sox is Jackson’s fifth team in eight seasons. He spent three seasons with the Rays, one with the Tigers and a half-season with the D-backs.

    That is a lot of moving around for such a youngster. Chicago seems to be a perfect fit and trading Jackson anywhere might be too much.

    Jackson has finally pitched like he can, but it was only for 11 starts and it would confuse anyone as to why no one wants to keep him, good or bad.

What About Gavin Floyd?

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    The White Sox have better options the Yankees could go after, as Jesus Montero is not worth the risk for Jackson.

    There is no way Ozzie & Co. are going to part ways with 25-year-old John Danks, as the left-hander looks to be on the mound on Opening Day.

    Gavin Floyd is a better option than Jackson, as he about the same age, and would be a capable No. 2 or 3 starter who could throw 190+ innings a season.

    The Yankees might not have to even give Montero in the deal, as the White Sox would happily take Austin Romaine, packaged in with either Joba Chamberlain or a trio of prospects.

    Catcher AJ Pierzynski could use a back up and a youngster, like Romaine would be a perfect fit. Romaine could be the future catcher for the White Sox.

Not Gardner, No Way.

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    Rumors are the Yankees are willing to package Brett Gardner in a deal—but then who is going to take his place?

    The outfield is not even the main issue, but Gardner's speed is irreplaceable and is way to vital to even contemplate trading him anywhere.

    There is no way GM Brian Cashman and the Steins are this stupid. Ideally, Montero for Danks would work out for both teams.

    If the Yankees were to trade Derek Jeter, Ozzie would give us Danks, Sales, Bherele and Floyd....kidding about Jeter cause I want him never to leave. Regarding Ozzie, he might throw in some bats too.