Albert Haynesworth: Out of Control or Wrongly Accused?

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Albert Haynesworth: Out of Control or Wrongly Accused?
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Albert Haynesworth cannot stay out of the news, in the worst ways. 

On December 2, Haynesworth was accused for an assault on a man sitting in his car by punching him after an argument.

More recently, Haynesworth has been accused of sexual assault on a waitress in Washington D.C. at the W hotel.

Haynesworth, along with his two recent allegations, has had multiple off-field problems since his arrival to the Redskin franchise. 

His controversial contract looks more and more like a terrible investment as his distractions keep adding up. 

Head coach Mike Shanahan and Haynesworth have yet to get along since Shanahan's hiring. Haynesworth's multiple tries at a physical conditioning test were highly televised last summer as he made it evident he did not want to give in to his new coach.

Almost everyone could agree that Haynesworth is one of the most lazy, greedy and arrogant players in the NFL. His former dominance at defensive tackle looks like a thing of the past now.

Haynesworth is undoubtedly an unpopular guy in Washington. Is it possible that these latest accusations could be blown out of proportion?

Haynesworth's lawyer defended him in the incident with the assault on a driver saying that the driver knew Haynesworth was a million dollar athlete and instigated the situation.

It's possible that the waitress may be exaggerating as well.

Civilians have been known to take advantage of famous celebrities before; Kobe Bryant's rape scandal comes to mind.

Whether or not Haynesworth is guilty, he has certainly been a huge disappointment for the Redskins' faithful. A man who was once the most dominant defender in the league is becoming a nobody.

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