Listen To Larry Fitzgerald: Kevin Kolb To Arizona Cardinals Makes Perfect Sense

Eli NachmanyCorrespondent IIIFebruary 14, 2011

Kevin Kolb may be done in green, but he could certainly find success in Arizona
Kevin Kolb may be done in green, but he could certainly find success in ArizonaAndy Lyons/Getty Images

In Phoenix, Arizona, the weather is breezy. It's a quiet afternoon, for the most part, and then it happens.

Larry Fitzgerald provides the sound-byte that renews the hopes of every Arizona Cardinals' fan.

Recently ESPN reported that the Cardinals asked for Fitzgerald's thoughts on whom the team should bring in to play quarterback, and the star wide receiver mentioned both Marc Bulger and Kevin Kolb as quarterbacks he'd be interested in lining up with.

Bulger may be a good quarterback in his own right, but Kevin Kolb is too good an option to pass up here. The young signal caller may just be the guy to bring Arizona back to the playoffs.

In a weak NFC West, all it takes is one move to make the Cardinals into contenders. The Cardinals need a quarterback, and the Cardinals need Kevin Kolb.

To understand why Arizona needs Kevin Kolb, one must first see why Kevin Kolb needs Arizona.

In Philadelphia, the Houston product has lost his starting job, his following in the locker room, his coach's trust (and if there was anyone who was stubborn, almost to a fault, with Kevin Kolb, it was Andy Reid), and he's lost the one most important thing he'd need to have success.

Kevin Kolb has lost the offense.

Imagine this west coast passer trying to come in and run the Eagle offense with competency. It's a pipe dream, to say the least.

Michael Vick has turned a conservative, west-coast offense into an explosive, dynamic, spread offense that resembles the NCAA to a degree. Kevin Kolb trying to take the reins and slow down this thoroughbred horse to a gallop would only prove to hammer the final nail into his Eagle coffin.

Kolb did come in and take over for Donovan McNabb, but wasn't given a fair period of judgment. In Kolb's case, how can anyone be sure that the second round pick can't flourish in an offense tailored to his strong suits? After the Kolb fiasco that some refer to as the 2010 NFL season, it's time for a fresh start.

There is no place better for Kolb to reinvent himself than in an organization whose highlight of the year at the quarterback position was Derek Anderson's rant about how seriously he takes his job.

There will be no pressure to take over for a legend (no, Kurt Warner's wild card berth and playoff run isn't considered the stuff of legends), no terribly stout secondaries to face, and best of all, a top wide receiver who would embrace Kolb with open arms.

In the NFC West, no cornerbacks can really stop Larry Fitzgerald.

Sure, Ronald Bartel, Nate Clements, and especially Marcus Trufant are legitimate NFL starters, but Fitzgerald is a superior player to all three of them.

With six games against the NFC West next year, Kolb would have an easy time cycling through his reads every time he dropped back against one of those defenses.

Kolb is excited about the prospects of playing in Arizona. To WIP AM radio, he said, "I mean, if he's not the best, he's one of the best receivers in the NFL, (a) superstar. For a guy like that to say something about me, it means a lot. And it's awfully flattering, and I hope that if something happens, their name comes up."

This is no forced marriage (see Mankins, Logan and Patriots, New England). Kevin Kolb legitimately wants to revitalize his career in Arizona, and there are no reasons why he wouldn't be able to.

Not too long ago, Kolb put up nice numbers on the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons have two solid cornerbacks in Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes, but Kolb's short passes chipped away yardage until he was able to get receivers to break free of coverage.

Don't forget that when given an accurate quarterback, one not afraid to throw the deep ball, Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best big-play threats in the game.

In the Cardinals magical year of 2008, Fitzgerald racked up 1,431 yards and 12 touchdowns. Not to say that Kevin Kolb is Kurt Warner, but he's closer to Warner than he is to Derek Anderson.

The Cardinal offense fits Kolb.

Steve Breaston and Early Doucet complement Fitzgerald, and both are emerging stars waiting for a true west-coast passer to right the ship in Phoenix and help the two young wideouts make something of their careers.

In the running game, Kolb would have a tough, downhill runner in Beanie Wells. Instead of LeSean McCoy, Kolb could have Wells' hard-nosed, interior running style erode away at the defense while he looks to Fitzgerald and Co. for the big play.

With Kolb at the helm, anything is possible for Arizona. In the words of Derek Anderson, he'll "take his job seriously."