Ten "Classy" Athletes

Taveus HawkinsContributor IIFebruary 15, 2011

Ten "Classy" Athletes

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    Either you have it or you don't.  It cannot be bought.  It cannot , borrowed or stolen.  "Class" is something that not everyone has.  Think about it. 

    Really, few possess it.  It is something that separates the "elite" from the normal populace.

    Call it "savoir faire", "duende", or whatever you choose to call it.  It's something that one wears as a badge that distinguishes one from the rest of the crowd.  He or she (it can be either genre) elevate themselves to a level of dignity by possessing this quality. 

    A person from any segment of society can have it. "Class" transcends race, creed, or economic status.  

    "Class" is certainly not just reserved for athletes; but it is so attractive on an athlete.  When a "superstar" in Sport has "class" we want to be in their company.  We listen attentively when they speak.  We have a special interest in what is going on in their lives.

    It's hardly gaudy or pretentious.  "Class" is a subtle quality that you almost recognize immediately when that person walks into a room.  As soon as they come into your presence "there is something about them".  Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it but it comes to the forefront before too long.

    The following list in my opinion is a list of ten current day "classy" athletes.  Tell me what you think.  I'd like to know.

LoLo Jones

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    LoLo Jones makes the list because of her unbelievable attitude.

    She was just about to skyrocket to fame and fortune at the Beijing Olympics of 2008 when she hit an obstacle in the road.  That obstacle was a hurdle that she couldn't quite clear.

    Was she disappointed?  Was she frustrated?  Sure she was but she was such a beautiful example of how athletes and people in general should react to disappointment.

    At some point and time we will all be disappointed but can we handle it as "classy" as LoLo did?

Christiano Ronaldo

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    This dude is so cool that he just can't help himself.  All guys want to have it like this. 

    He's the top paid footballer in the world.  His last contract is well over 100 million euros.  He plays for Real Madrid an he is dating a beautiful Russian model.

    Ronaldo doesn't drink at all because his father died from alcohol related complications when he was 20 years old.

    Ronaldo, named after Ronald Reagan (his dad's favorite actor) has  "class" oozing from his pores.

    Like I said; he can't even help it.  This is one "classy" dude I'd like to interview.  "What's it like to be Ronaldo?"

Sidney Crosby

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    I know............a hockey player with class?  But, Sidney has it!  How did he get it?  I don't know but this talented "Iceman" has a cool about him that few have.

    He commands attention wherever he goes.

Manny Pacquiao

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    Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao participates in a violent, brutal sport; but he does it in such a "classy" way.

    His hands do his talking.  He has ignored racist taunts from opponents such as Floyd Mayweather.  He doesn't threaten or intimidate.  He simply enters the ring and executes.  He almost literally executes (if you know what I mean).

    I "pity the fool" that enters the ring with Manny.  However, he is merciful enough to go to the referee and ask him to stop the bout before he disables or kills his foe.

    I certainly would relish the opportunity to sit down and interview him one-on-one.

Candice Wiggins

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    Her personality glows.  You can tell that she is fun to be around.

    When she goes on the floor she goes to "battle".  You have to love her.

    She is a fighter but there is something special about her.  I bet she'll be good at whatever she wants to do.  She'll be a wonderful wife; a mother; a businesswoman; or whatever.  She's got what it takes to make "the world go round".

    There's something about her that puts her on my list.

Grant Hill

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    Is he "Mr. Smooth" or what?  This guy has it all.......intelligence, athleticism, a gorgeous wife and two lovely daughters, two great parents; and the list goes on and on and on.

    A few years back we thought his career was over.  He has  bounced back from serious injury to compete at a high level and have an illustrious NBA career.

    He is one "classy" dude.

Andre Johnson

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    Yes, Andre makes the list.  Who cares about the fisticuffs on the field with that little cornerback from the Titans.  Everybody says "that guy" had it coming.

    Andre is quiet, unassuming and probably the best wide receiver in professional football.  His body of work speaks for itself. 

    He is 6'3" and 230 pounds.  He runs like a rhino across the Serengeti.  He's not brash.  He doesn't brag.  He just goes out and performs week after week.

    In 2003, as a rookie he established the Andre Johnson Foundation for children and teens growing up in single parent homes.

    Andre Johnson has "class".

Shelly-Ann Fraser

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    She makes the list because she is too cute not to make the list.  Her bubbly effervescence has taken the world by storm.  It's a joy to watch her sprint down a track or run the curve on a relay.  This "child" can move.

    Her interviews "are to die for".  I could never pass up the opportunity to interview Shelly-Ann Fraser.  That would be one of my greatest joys in life...........only if I can quit laughing.

    When you have that kind of charisma coupled with humility everybody loves you.

    Shelly-Ann, please just remember not to take the cold preparations before a big race.  They'll accuse you of terrible things that you aren't capable of doing.

    I love you.  You are one "classy" lady.

Allyson Felix

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    They can call you "chicken legs' all they like but I certainly think you are one "classy" lady.  You demonstrate that every time you are in the "publics' eye".  All eyes are on you and we know what to expect. 

    You are always the consummate professional. 

    Call me old fashioned if you like; but you are a lady.  I like that.

    You are strong and confident.  You never make excuses when you lose (which is rare).  You show honor and respect to fellow athletes.  I've never seen you demean an opponent.  That is admirable.

    You perform in a very competitive environment.  Yet, you have always carried yourself in a dignified manner.

    You are such a credit to athletics.  I hope to watch you run for a long time.

Ray Allen

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    Ray Allen has been doing this for a while.  Very little has changed about him.  "You don't fix what is not broken."

    Ray is a leader and not a follower.  He leads by example.  Never mistake his quiet demeanor for a lack of confidence or indecisiveness.  He is anything but that.  He knows what he is doing and knows where he wants to go.

    Ray Allen is his own man.  I see no tattoos on his body and I can't imagine him sagging his slacks down on his butt. 

    Look at him in that ugly Celtic uniform!  Look how he wears it.  He's the only guy I know that can wear that uniform and makes it look good.  He's got style. 

    And that jumpshot.........Oh that jumpshot.......the prettiest "jumper" since Dale Ellis.

    He's the kind of guy that enjoys good wine and a fine cigar (maybe).  He can talk basketball or world affairs.  

    He's a man's man.

    He definitely has "class". 

    When that man in the "Dos Equis" commercial is finished Ray Allen will take his place.

Who Did I Leave Out? Who Would Be On Your List? Please Let Me Know!

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    Please let me know who would be on your list.

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