Tim Tebow: Why Are the Politics of No. 15 Tearing Denver Broncos Fans Apart?

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Tim Tebow: Why Are the Politics of No. 15 Tearing Denver Broncos Fans Apart?
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Before I begin, I want to preface my article by saying that I will not speak about Tim Tebow's play. 

I won't talk about whether or not he will be Denver's starting QB next year, and I'm not going to put any personal feelings about him on the table, regardless of where I might stand. 

Now, let's begin.

I'm going to clear one thing up to make this a lot easier: We're all Denver Broncos fans here. 

If you were not a Bronco fan on some level, than you would not have made it onto Bleacher Report and then sauntered over to the NFL tab, only to go to the team you love the most: Denver.  

(Unless, of course, you're from another team, scouting Champ Bailey and your chances of landing him in FA.)

Now that we have established that, to some degree, we all have a place in our hearts for the Broncos, let's look at the real problem: Why are we fighting over a backup QB? 

Elway has already said that, as of right now, Tim Tebow isn't the starter.

Why is there so much friendly fire here?  Tim came into Denver and has made not one controversial statement. 

All he ever says is something along these lines: "I Just want to play whatever role coach has for me." 

What makes Tebow so special? Why do you love/hate him?

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The only controversial things about him are his religious and pro-life views.  I suppose that labels him a conservative Republican.

Maybe that's whats going on—are all Tebow-haters Democrats?

Of course not.

So then why is there so much fire surrounding his name?  I understand that there is a bandwagon following him, but don't all new players bring a following with them? 

Won't Cam Newton have Auburn fans wherever he is?

Look at it this way: If Tebow succeeds, then we'll all be happy, because it will be to the benefit of the team we love. 

If he fails, then all of those bandwagon fans will disappear, and Denver will move on to another QB. 

It's going to be a long offseason if all we do is bicker about No. 15.  It will be an even longer year-and-a-half if there's no CBA. 

For now, let's worry about that CBA.  Let's focus on Denver's defense and the team's bigger holes.  Let's focus on our common love for the team.  Let's keep celebrating the fact that Josh McDaniels isn't in charge of our draft. 

We have plenty of common ground.  Let's find it.

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