MLB Power Rankings As of September 22

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer ISeptember 23, 2008

         1) Cubs. Just because they locked up the NL Central doesn’t mean they’re stepping on the brakes. This team is dynamic both pitching and hitting.

         2) Angels. Any team that locks up their respective division with a month left deserves some recognition. The Halos have an outside chance at 100 wins.

         3) Rays. Congratulations to the team that has come out of nowhere. Now they just need some fans to show up for their playoff games.

          4) Phillies. Ryan Howard and Co. are on an absolute tear. The Phils are going to take down the NL East going away.

          5) Red Sox. Yet another playoff appearance for manager Terry Francona. Jason Bay made the loss of Manny Ramirez not hurt as bad. Well, kind of.

          6) Yankees. They aren’t even making the playoffs, but boy, have they been dynamite as of late.

          7) Blue Jays. The fourth-best team from the AL East makes its way into the Top Ten? Remember, the Blue Jays would be leading the NL West by two full games right now.

          8) Mets. They have been up and down lately, and unfortunately for them, they’ve been down most recently. Four wins in their last ten isn’t helping their playoff cause.

          9) Dodgers. Manny this, Manny that, but their pitching has kept them in sight for the playoffs.

          10) White Sox. They are clinging to a tight lead in the AL Central, but I see them pulling it out in the end.

          11) Marlins. This team is surging. Too bad it’s too late. The offensive numbers are gaudy, but the strikeout totals piled up just as high.

          12) Twins. They’re good and all, but they have to get their bullpen figured out soon.

          13) Indians. Where in the world have they come from!? Cliff Lee runs away with the Cy Young, too.

          14) Brewers. They are in the middle of a free-fall. Making it worse is that CC probably won’t be back next year.

          15) Astros. I really feel bad for these guys. Hurricane Ike came and went, and their game left with it.

          16) Cardinals. Talk about freefall. The Cardinals need to start winning if they want to end the year over .500.

          17) Diamondbacks. They’re coming back slowly but surely. It’ll be interesting to see if they can catch the Dodgers coming down the home stretch.

          18) Rangers. This team has so much offense, and so little pitching.

          19) Athletics. They could have used a couple more bats in the lineup this year.

          20) Reds. Volquez for Cy Young, maybe? That’s their only hope for this dismal year.

          21) Tigers. They have the sluggers, but could never put it all together on a consistent basis this year.

         22) Braves. Their division supremacy seems like it was so long ago. Chipper Jones will win the batting title, though.

         23) Royals. Joakim Soria is their only hope for the future. Man, he’s good!

         24) Giants. Tim Lincecum will contend for the NL Cy Young, but his team was god-awful in 2008.

         25) Rockies. At least Matt Holliday hit over .320 this year, right?

         26) Pirates. It kind of hurts when you trade away two of your best players. This team wouldn’t have been that good anyways, though.

         27) Orioles. Someone had to be the AL East punching bag.

         28) Padres. They can’t win at home, they can’t win on the road. Enough said.

         29) Mariners. They can hang their hat on the fact they have Ichiro. Otherwise, it was an ugly year in Seattle.

         30) Nationals. This team might have 100 losses. That’s absolutely pitiful.