5 Reasons Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Figure It Out Next Season

Charles CurryContributor IFebruary 11, 2011

5 Reasons Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Figure It Out Next Season

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    Demarcus Ware, Stephen Bowen and Jay Ratliff celebrate a sack.Scott Halleran/Getty Images

    The Dallas Cowboys have been arguably one of the most talented teams in the NFL…on paper that is. It’s too bad the ‘Boys are unable to utilize this talent on the gridiron.

    For the past three seasons, the Cowboys have been a huge disappointment and have subtly become the “laughing stock” of the NFL. Opposing teams no longer take the Cowboys seriously.

    Teams maximize every opportunity to embarrass this overrated team, whether it’s inside of a billion dollar stadium or not. Even former Cowboy players have lost faith in this club.

    The current Cowboys team should never utter the words “America’s Team” again until the Cowboys win a Super Bowl.

    The success of the Cowboys franchise has spoiled current Cowboys’ players.

    These players are constantly told how good they are by the media, they're given unrealistic expectations before every season (Jerry Jones partly the blame for this) and honestly believe that all it takes to win ballgames in the NFL is showing up on game day.

    Hopefully, this is no longer the case.

    After a humbling 2010 season, and a much needed coaching change, the Cowboys have the opportunity to put it all together in 2011. Here’s why.

Jason Garrett As Head Coach.

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    Jason Garrett taking over as interim head coach.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Whether we like this choice or not, Jason Garrett was the only realistic candidate for Jerry Jones. Mr. Jones needed a coach that knew the system, the players, and the culture of the Cowboys.

    Implementing a new system with this current roster, full of veteran players with their windows quickly closing, would not have been a smart move.

    Jason Garrett brings a Jimmy Johnson-like approach, having played for him in the 90s.

    This strict, disciplined attitude is what works for this team; we saw the immediate impact it had when Parcells was here. (Disagree if you please, but the 13-3 season was Parcells’ team; all Wade Phillips had to do was steer the wheel of a team already set in cruise control.)

    The players showed that they respond to Garrett and respect his approach; it was evident in the final eight games of the season. We all know Garrett is intelligent—he’s proven that offensives under his control can be explosive.

    Heck, Garrett has been to a Super Bowl as a player, he knows what it takes.

The Draft

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    Terence Newman on Draft Day.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    It’s been a while since the Cowboys have had an opportunity to land a top 10 draft pick. (Terence Newman, No. 5)

    What this pick means for the Cowboys is that this player, whomever it may be, will be an impact player and will play right away.

    The obvious need is in the secondary and O-line, help here could be what the Boys need to get over the hump.

    This will be Jason Garrett's first draft as head coach. All eyes are on him.

    The Cowboys, who have struggled in recent drafts, (Dez Bryant as an exception) will have the opportunity to make a splash and get a "wow" player, à la Jerry Jones.

A Healthy Tony Romo

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    Tony Romo quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    The numbers don’t lie—Tony Romo is better than your average QB. Not quite considered an elite QB yet, as he has only one playoff win under his name, but Tony Romo can get the Cowboys to the promise land.

    Interceptions, turnovers, golf and celebrity girlfriends have all been hot topics when discussing Tony Romo. Many often forget that this guy can actually play football (he holds five Cowboys team records and is No. 4 all time for NFL career passer rating at 95.5).

    Last season’s injury really put a damper on an already wretched season. Look for Romo to bounce back strong next year with Garrett in control.

    Remember, Garrett was a backup quarterback his entire professional career, he admires and appreciates Tony Romo’s story. The two work together very well and that means a lot when it comes to winning in the NFL.

    I will not be surprised if Romo puts up his best numbers next season with Garrett steering the ship.

Roster Changes

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    Roy E. Williams wide receiver of the Cowboys.Tom Pennington/Getty Images

    It’s clear the talent the Cowboys have on this team. Simple roster moves such as giving Felix Jones more carries proved to be effective.

    It appears Garrett isn’t afraid to play players based on production and not salary.

    Cowboys fans should be prepared to see a lot of Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Felix Jones next year with a healthy Tony Romo.

    Sleepers such as John Phillips and Tashard Choice will be factors as well.

    The real test will be if the Cowboys decide to part ways with big names who've failed to perform (i.e., Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Marc Columbo, Leonard Davis, and I hate to say this, but Terrence Newman).

    These positions can be addressed in both free agency and the draft. The window is quickly closing for the Cowboys, the time is now.

The Almighty Jerry Jones

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    Jerry JonesTom Pennington/Getty Images

    Hated by many, loved by many, respected by most, Mr. Jerry Jones will be the ultimate deciding factor on whether or not the Cowboys finally make it back to a place they haven’t seen in over a decade.

    We will still see him strolling on the sidelines in the fourth quarter, he’ll continue to make an appearance in the locker room after games, he’ll still speak to the media and boast and brag about the Cowboys' brand.

    One thing Mr. Jones must do is relinquish some control and let the coaches coach.

    Jerry Jones reminds many people of the great late-George Steinbrenner in the way he goes about his business. He'll spend the big bucks on a player, and will do whatever’s necessary to win and keep his team relevant.

    What Jerry must learn to do is to step back—take the back seat on most of the football stuff, primarily the draft. Let the coaches do their jobs.

    I truly believe Jerry realizes this now after an embarrassing season where his team had the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl in its own stadium.

    Jason Garrett understands Mr. Jones, and vise-versa.  I envision this thing playing out better than most would expect.

    We know the talent is there, but can the Cowboys finally put it all together and bring a Super Bowl back to Big D? Cowboys fans around the world are desperately waiting.