Ray Lewis: Talking to the Ravens Leader About His New Pepsi MAX Ad

Todd McGregor@@mcgregor_toddCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2011

Ray Lewis on set for Pepsi MAX's "The Bottle Attacks!" - photo courtesy Pepsi MAX
Ray Lewis on set for Pepsi MAX's "The Bottle Attacks!" - photo courtesy Pepsi MAX

On Wednesday, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk with Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis about his latest commercial for Pepsi MAX, titled “The Bottle Attacks!”  The hilarious ad, which is featured on funnyordie.com, also stars New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

The ad was filmed in Hawaii during the Pro Bowl, and is a take-off on a classic horror movie.  During the commercial, Lewis and Brees are hosting a barbecue when things start going terribly wrong.

The new Pepsi Max zero calorie bottles launch an attack on the unsuspecting party-goers, leaving them in a state of refreshed euphoria.

Lewis, who is a natural standout in the new ad, finds himself at the mercy of the assaulting bottle after all of his friends are taken back by the delicious taste of the zero calorie drink.

In the end, Lewis, Brees and a few of their friends that have survived the attack, finally realize they too are about to be taken back by the shocking new taste of Pepsi MAX.

Given the success of the ad on the website funnyordie.com, which currently crushes the competition in terms of being voted the funniest video on the site with well over 117,000 “Funny” votes, I asked Ray if a career in acting has ever crossed his mind when it’s finally time to take off the cleats.

“Obviously yes.  Of course.  You know, it’s something I’m definitely looking into—you know, the second half of things.  I love the camera, don’t get me wrong, because even in my business and what I do now, it’s a game—but it’s still pure entertainment.”

“It’s realizing that you’re always being watched.  So for me, when the camera comes on—on game day—or when the camera comes on during practice or on the set—to pull these commercials and scenes out.”

“I like giving them that one or two takes that the producers and directors say, ‘That’s what I want!  That’s what I’m looking for!—not having to be rehearsing it.’”

There’s no doubt Lewis understands the business of acting, and after all of the immensely successful commercials he’s made, Lewis believes in himself to be a natural when it’s time for lights, camera, action!

“Once the camera’s on—'action'—you go into character.  And that’s why I think for me, acting is something that I’d definitely want to look into when I’m done.”

When asked about working with Drew Brees and the Pepsi MAX staff, Lewis said, “It’s always good with Pepsi MAX.  It’s always good to work with great people.  And I think the energy was incredible when we [Drew and I] got there.  I got to film a couple of my parts, and listened to the creative spin Pepsi MAX put on it—a lot of different things, and that’s why I think it went so well.”

“I said to Drew, ‘Hey man, let’s just make this work.  Let’s make it funny.  Let’s get serious quick.’

About the personal respect for Drew, Lewis said, “A lot of people don’t realize— you know—players, that we have so much respect for each other off the field.  Even off the field, we can click with each other.  That’s what I think made the commercial—we really had fun with it.”

“It was a great opportunity to work with Pepsi MAX, and I’m glad the commercial turned out great.”

After talking with Ray, I know acting is an industry he could easily conquer next, with his larger than life personality, extreme likability, and unmatched love for life.

With all of Ray’s natural abilities he’s been blessed with, the sky is only the limit for our beloved linebacker in Baltimore.  In other words, there is no limit for Ray Lewis.

And if you haven't done so, head over to funnyordie.com to check out his new ad "The Bottle Attacks!"


More about Ray Lewis to come in the following weeks, including his thoughts about a post-retirement career, the city of Baltimore, Ray Rice, Auburn's Cam Newton and much more!


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