The Collectivity of Cowboys Fans: Big D's Big Debacle

John B. HaffordContributor IFebruary 10, 2011

Dallas WR, Miles Austin
Dallas WR, Miles AustinLeon Halip/Getty Images

Hey there, clear-headed Dallas Cowboys compadres.  I would like to commiserate about the collective fanbase of the only team to sport the logo of a superhero (Captain America's star). 

Okay, I know the star is not the same as Cap's, but are not the Dallas Cowboys America's Team, thereby revealing Jason Garrett as the true life Captain America? 

Now imagine Captain America on his knees before the Red Skull, his uniform in tatters, him beaten to a bloody and bruised mess with the Red Skull standing over him with a grin that belies a fiendish delight in knowing that he just bested and beat his arch-enemy.  That, my concerned Cowboys compadres, is how Cowboys fans around the league are feeling right now. 

Below is my response to a fan's comment on my previous article, Wake Up Dallas: The Travesties of Cowboys Pride Erosion:

It may not be a big deal to people who live in Dallas. But, there is something called bragging rights, which are won by a team when they defeat another team.   Philadelphia has been handed, free of charge, a boat load of bragging rights that will last for generations.  THAT is what people are pissed about.

But forget the fans in Dallas. What about the Cowboys fans who have lived in places like Philadelphia and elsewhere?  Those poor folks are the ones who have to endure the shame and will have to leave their jerseys at home.   Choice and the stuffed shirt scored big for one of our biggest rivals.   If there was a Lombardi trophy for utter carelessness, those two would win it.

Speaking of Lombardi, I get the very distinct feeling that if any of Vince Lombardi's Green Bay guys did what Choice did, someone's nuts would be ground to a fine powder.  Then they would be cut from the team.  We need that spirit of pride and competitiveness back in the game.  Our players need to be made to want to avoid such dishonor.  My inner-Klingon despises the dishonorable.

Addendum:  It turns out that the key given to Vick by the Dallas Mayor pro temp was not the official Key given by the Mayor, but a $25 key given by city council members to whatever charity they support.  I'm a bit embarrassed that I did not know this earlier and that I wrote on it without the facts.  It won't happen again.