Pack To The Future: The Biggest Reason Why The Packers Will Build a Dynasty

Justis Mosqueda@justisfootballFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2011

Ted Thompson with his first of many Lombardi Trophies to come.
Ted Thompson with his first of many Lombardi Trophies to come.Al Bello/Getty Images

Do you guys want to know why the Green Bay Packers will build a dynasty over the next decade?

Is it because they have a young, franchise QB in Aaron Rodgers? No.

Is it because they have a young, smart coach running the offense in Mike McCarthy? No.

Is it because the defense is led by Dom Capers, a two time HC in the NFL? No.

The biggest reason that the Green Bay Packers will build a dynasty is because of General Manager, Ted Thompson.

Almost all of the players on the currant roster have been brought in while TT has been the GM for the Green Bay Packers. He seems to always hit on high picks like Greg Jennings, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, while he has only messed up once with Justin Harrell who hasn't seen the field much because he was hurt.

Not only does he hit on high picks, but he finds great diamonds in the rough through free agency as well as the draft. If you saw the Packers DB's on Super Bowl Sunday you would have seen mostly a five DB set. All five of those DB's were brought in by TT and all five weren't projected to do as well as they have for the Packers. Charles Woodson (last year DPOY) was said to be past his prime and aging, Tramon Williams wasn't looked at by a lot of teams before this year let alone coming out of college, Sam Shields played WR for Miami for three years and was picked up as a undrafted free agent, Charlie Peprah was the third stringer this summer and Nick Collins (Pro Bowler) went to school at Bethune-Cookman.

Late last year, CB Al Harris was hurt so Thompson got a replacement. Not one but two. Williams, who is a top five CB this year and Shields, who will surely be one of the top if not the best CB from the 2010 class. The problem for other teams is that Ted doesn't seem like he is going to stop anytime soon. He will continue to replenish the Packers with talent as long as there is a pool that he gets to pick from. He is one of the elite talent scouts and drafters in the NFL and has what it takes to build a dynasty in Green Bay.