Clay Matthews WWE Video: Watch Green Bay Packers Star Make Smackdown Appearance

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2011

Clay Matthews is a pretty popular guy around Wisconsin these days.

I'm guessing he might never have to buy a drink in Green Bay ever again after helping the Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl XLV. And since then, he and the rest of his Packers teammates have been expectedly making the rounds.

Aaron Rodgers was parading down Main Street in Disney World the day after the game, the entire team came home to a huge reception at Lambeau Field in freezing temperatures to honor the team.

Then there was Matthews, who went from the Packers' superstar to the Rated-R Superstar.

Matthews was the guest referee for an apparent title match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler for the weekly Tuesday taping of SmackDown that will air Friday night. Matthews does the calls to finish off the match then stands up and salutes the crowd with Edge holding a championship belt while the crowd alternates screams and chants of "Go Pack Go."

Now of course, Rodgers made the Championship Belt the symbol of the Packers' run, using it as a cocky but confident celebration that they were the champs. had an interesting piece about Rodgers' reportedly getting the belt from legendary wrestler Ric Flair.

But amazingly enough, Rodgers' belt wasn't in attendance at the taping. Instead Matthews was holding his own belt as he paraded around the ring to the delight of the crowd.

Eventually Matthews and Edge held their hands up in the air for a few minutes. It appears then that some of Matthews' teammates enter the ring to more cheers before Edge acknowledges them and starts another round of "Go Pack Go" chants.

Ironically, it was the second straight year the WWE has had a tie in with the Super Bowl Champs. WWE Raw aired live in Louisiana the night after the Saints' won the Super Bowl, and of course they tied in as many Saints' references as possible while the "Who Dat" chants went up through the arena.

Either way, a pretty cool moment as the fans connected with their beloved Packers. Even if the rest of the country won't see what's actually going on until Friday night.