Al Davis Shoots Himself in The Foot: Firing Lane Kiffin Is a Terrible Move

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 22, 2008

Can somebody please inform me as to why Lane Kiffin deserves to be fired at this point in the Oakland Raider's season?

Obviously Kiffin doesn't have the Raiders contending each season for the Super Bowl, but hey, the guy's in his second season. There are so many positives to the start of Kiffin's regime, yet Davis is screwing himself over again with another boneheaded move.

-JaMarcus Russell: Kiffin is clearly bringing Russell on very well, even if slowly. In his first season as the starter, Russell has quietly been a very good facilitator. He's got three TDs to zero INTs, and a 87.5 QB rating. Bringing in a new head coach can only hinder the progress he's made.

-Darren McFadden: Alright, maybe he's not putting up LT numbers just yet, but 84 yards/game and 5.4 yards/carry is not too shabby for a rook straight out of the SEC. Having D-Mac shoulder the offensive load is not the best strategy at this early stage in his career. If a new coach comes in and gives him 25 carries a game, look for more stats, but lower effectiveness and possibly injuries.

-Lane Kiffin: The guy's 33-years-old, only going to learn his craft better, and here's the kicker, Al: NOBODY WANTS TO WORK FOR YOU. I acknowledge that he only has a 4-15 record, but he inherited a joke of a team, and they appeared headed in the right direction. What, you're going to bring in Jim Fassel? Yeah, that'll get ya a Super Bowl.

There are other coaches who deserve the axe far more right now (Scott Linehan anybody?). Again, I don't want to rename the Lombardi trophy after Lane, but why is Al Davis doing this? A personal grudge has been hinted at, and that's what I'd believe, because professionally this makes no sense.

So Raiders fans, NFL fans, football fans, let me hear thoughts. Because as of now, mine are just confused and annoyed.