Aaron Rodgers: Top 10 Revelations From His Letterman Visit

John ValentovicAnalyst IFebruary 9, 2011

Aaron Rodgers: Top 10 Revelations From His Letterman Visit

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    In what seems to have become a tradition for athletes who have won championships, Aaron Rodgers stopped by The Late Show Monday to visit with David Letterman and talk about the Super Bowl and all that has come with winning it.

    Rodgers provided some funny moments while on set, but also had some awkward ones as well. He also provided some insight in to what it's like being in an NFL huddle.

    The following are 10 revelations from Rodger's visit to The Late Show.

10. The Life of a Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Is Quite Hectic

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    As Letterman alluded to in the opening of the segment, Rodgers has had a busy 48 hours. Just a day after winning the Super Bowl, he made it from Texas to visit with Leterman, before heading back to Green Bay for Tuesday's celebration.

    It looked to me that Rodgers was fatigued already.

    He didn't seem to have any energy, and kept his answers brief. 

    But after the countless interviews and public appearences, and probably little to no sleep, who can blame Rodgers for being a little tired?

    It was great of Rodgers to even travel to New York to begin with. 

    Real cool move.

9. Rodgers Doesn't Seem Real Comfortable In The Spotlight

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    As I just mentioned, fatigue probably had a lot to do with it, but Rodgers seemed rather uncomfortable for much of his time on set.

    He kept moving his fingers and playing with his shirt tail, and he seemed to fidget non-stop. Letterman tried a few times to joke around with him and make him more comfortable, but it didn't seem to work.

    Rodgers also seemed much more comfortable when talking about his team rather than himself, which is another sign of a leader.

8. The Packers Receivers Still Don't Have All of The Plays Down

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    At one point, Letterman asked how many plays the Packers ran in the Super Bowl, saying that the receivers must know all of the plays at this point.

    Apparently, that's not the case.

    In one of the more funnier moments of Rodger's visit, he said that some of the guys still didn't know where to go, and that he had to tell them from time-to-time.

    It can't be too assuring knowing that your receivers don't know the plays in the biggest game of your life.

    Things turned out fine for Rodgers in the end, though.

7. Rodgers Doesn't Trust The Special Teams, Either

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    "Everytime we kickoff, I hold my breath," was Rodgers exact words on how he was feeling after the Packers settled for a field-goal on their last drive.

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    It seemed in good fun, though. Rodgers had a smile on his face when talking about the special teams unit. He was just nervous because they had cost the Packers some momentum and some games in the past.

    But hey, as Rodgers said, luckily one of the Packers players was punched on the kick-off!

6. Rodgers Leads By Example

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    Many players in today's game do more talking off the field rather than letting their play on the field talk for them.

    That isn't the case with Rodgers.

    In the interview, Rodgers talked about how teammate Charles Woodson is more of the emotional leader, always inspiring the team with his words. Rodgers, on the other hand, says he leads by example.

    Next time his leadership is questioned, he will use his Super Bowl ring as an example of why it shouldn't be.

5. Rodgers Really Likes That Belt

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    One of the most well-known celebrations in recent memory is when Rodgers motions as if he had a championship belt around his waist after he makes a big play.

    Well, now he has a belt to call his own.

    At one point during the interview, Letterman pulled out the belt and placed it on Rodgers lap. All Rodgers could do for the rest of the segment was stare at it and fiddle with the WWE logo in the middle.  Letterman even jokingly told him he could spin the logo if he wanted to.

    Oh, the joys of being a champion.

4. Even After 39 Attempts a Day Earlier, Rodgers Still Can Throw

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    At the end of the interview, Letterman asked Rodgers if he could throw him a pass. Naturally, Rodgers complied.

    Letterman then walked into the crowd, and Rodgers proceeded to fire a pass right on target.

    And probably most surprising of all, Letterman caught it.

    Good hands, David!

3. Rodgers Watches The Late Show....A Lot

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    In one of the more awkward moments, Rodgers opens up the interview by telling Letterman he watches the show a lot, and turns a little red in the face after his comment draws laughter from the crowd.

    But hey, The Late Show is a popular show for a reason.

    There is no shame in watching it a lot, Aaron.

2. Look Out NFL: Mike McCarthy Repeats Plays That Work

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    When talking about the amount of plays the Packers ran in the game, Rodgers mentioned that they didn't run too many. The ones that worked, McCarthy called again later in the game.

    That comment resulted in some laughter in the crowd, which seemed to confuse Rodgers.

    It confused me as well.

    Why would McCarthy want to use plays that work?

    Seems almost to logical to me.

1. Rodgers Will Be Back Next Season

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    To me, the clear-cut best part of the interview was when Letterman jokingly asked Rodgers, "so, you think you will play next year?"

    Rodgers seemed to avoid the question, but it was funny nonetheless.

    Come on, you can never have enough Brett Favre retirement jokes.