Michael Vick: 10 Teams That Would Love the Philadelphia Eagles QB

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2011

Michael Vick: 10 Teams That Would Love the Philadelphia Eagles QB

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    With Michael Vick set to become a free agent (assuming a new CBA is in place), NFL teams will be lined up with their checkbooks, ready to make an offer to the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year.

    Vick is fresh off of an improbable Pro Bowl season in which he was in the running for the league's MVP award and took the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs.

    A number of teams across the league have a void to fill at the quarterback position and Vick could step right in and instantly make any team a contender.

    Here are 10 teams that would love to have Michael Vick's services.

10. Arizona Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals really missed Kurt Warner in 2010.

    Matt Leinart proved to be a complete bust, Derek Anderson was a disaster and the Max Hall era was over before it even began.

    One bright spot for Arizona was the play of Fordham product, John Skelton. Skelton didn't light the world on fire, but he was solid and showed promise.

    Unfortunately, Ken Wisenhunt's job could be on the line if the Cardinals don't start turning things around. That means that Arizona could go after a veteran quarterback in the offseason.

    The Cards would love to land Michael Vick. He would immediately turn Arizona's offense into one of the most dangerous in the NFL and make them favorites to win the NFC West.

9. Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins are a young team on the rise. However, they have a gaping hole at quarterback, as Chad Henne is not a capable signal caller.

    The Dolphins would not be afraid to throw money at Michael Vick—let's not forget how much money they were reportedly offering Jim Harbaugh.

    If Miami wants to keep up in the tough AFC East, a franchise signal caller is a must.

8. San Francisco 49ers

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    The Alex Smith era is officially over in San Francisco.

    The No. 1 overall draft pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, Smith has done little to warrant consideration for the starting job under Jim Harbaugh.

    Michael Vick would be an interesting fit in Harbaugh's offense due to the new skills he acquired under Andy Reid in Philly. However, it makes more sense for Harbaugh to draft and groom a young quarterback.

7. Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers were dead-set on drafting Andrew Luck before he unexpectedly decided to return to Stanford.

    The Panthers are drafting first in April for a reason—they have holes all over the field.

    Jimmy Clausen was just drafted last season, but did not show much promise in his first season under center.

    Michael Vick would make a ton of sense for the Panthers. And how interesting would it be to see Vick in action against the Falcons twice a year?

6. Cincinnati Bengals

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    With a disgruntled Carson Palmer wanting out of Cincy, the Bengals could find themselves in a desperate situation if they are forced into trading Palmer.

    Michael Vick is the exact type of signing the Bengals have become infamous for—a high-profile talent with character concerns.

    Their interest in Vick hinges on Palmer, but a Palmer-less Bengals team would desperately seek the services of Michael Vick.

5. Oakland Raiders

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    Al Davis loves speed and he loves strong-armed quarterbacks.

    Michael Vick as an Oakland Raider would be a match made in heaven (or the depths of hell). 

    Oakland has been searching for a franchise signal-caller ever since Rich Gannon retired. Michael Vick would make this team an instant favorite to win the AFC West, in my opinion.

4. Tennessee Titans

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    With Vince Young and Jeff Fisher both gone, the Titans are essentially starting from scratch.

    Imagine an offense with Chris Johnson, Michael Vick and Randy Moss.

3. Minnesota Vikings

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    The Minnesota Vikings have made it clear that they need to start over at the quarterback position.

    They hold the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, but would love to focus their attention elsewhere if they could get their hands on Michael Vick.

    Having Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice would be a dream come true.

2. Washington Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins love to spend money via free agency and have a huge void at quarterback.

    If Michael Vick hits the open market, the nation's capital seems like the most likely destination.

    Vick would be a great piece for the 'Skins to build their offense around.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Philadelphia Eagles are not going to let Michael Vick go.

    After what Vick did for them in 2010, they cannot afford to put the franchise in the hands of Kevin Kolb.

    Even if it means slapping the franchise tag on him, Michael Vick will be an Eagle in 2011.