NFL's 'Let's Make a Deal': Four Trade Scenarios Between the Eagles and Cardinals

Jason KarlAnalyst IIIFebruary 8, 2011

NFL's 'Let's Make a Deal': Four Trade Scenarios Between the Eagles and Cardinals

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    Recent comments were made by Arizona Cardinals' star wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald, whereby he stated that he wanted Kevin Kolb as his first preference to be their new starting quarterback.

    Fitzgerald signed a 4-year/40 million dollar contract extension after the 2007 season, meaning his contract will be up in 2012. Considering the regression of the Cardinals, most expect Fitzgerald not to re-sign, which would be a crushing blow for the Cardinals.

    To appease their superstar, the front office may feel obligated to make a trade for Kevin Kolb.

    Currently, the Cards hold the No. 5 overall pick in the draft, which could be very enticing to the Eagles. It is unlikely though that the front office would straight trade for Kolb and give up their top five selection.

    So, let's take a look at four scenarios, in which the Cardinals can trade for Kevin Kolb.

1. Kevin Kolb For Cards 2nd Round Pick (No. 38 Overall) and a 4th-5th Round Pick

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    This may be the most likely of all scenarios.

    Kolb is considered to be worth a second round pick, and the Eagles would be high enough in the second (No. 38 overall) to still draft a first round prospect.

    The Cardinals would still hold the No. 5 pick and could draft for defense.

    If the Eagles fall in love with a corner like Jimmy Smith, the top of the second round is where they could draft the strong cover corner.

    The Eagles could also get an extra draft pick in this scenario, which could be useful in the future.

2. Kolb, First Round Pick (No. 24 Overall), 4th Round For Cards First Round Pick

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    If Kolb is considered a high second round pick, then this trade could almost read as: Eagles trade first round, second round, and 4th round picks to move up to No. 5 overall.

    The Cardinals would have extra picks moving forward with a franchise quarterback.

    The Eagles would have a chance to draft an elite defensive prospect in this scenario. Patrick Peterson, CB out of LSU, could fall to No. 5, and the Eagles would be glad to draft him.

    Also, Eagles would still have their own second round pick.

3.Kolb, 2012 First Round Pick, 2011 Second Round Pick For Cards First Round Pick

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    If the Eagles feel they are in a "win-now" situation, they could choose to deal a future first round pick, and keep their own first round, as well as acquiring a top five pick.

    The Cardinals are in a rebuilding mode and need picks for the future. The Cards would get a second round pick this year and a solid first round pick next year.

    The Eagles in this scenario could draft a defensive end like Robert Quinn, who in my opinion is the best player in the draft, and then draft a corner like Brandon Harris with their No. 24 overall pick.

4. Kolb For Cards 2011 Third And Fifth Round Picks and 2012 First Round Pick

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    The Eagles in this situation could potentially get a top 10 pick in a very strong draft next year.

    The Cardinals would keep their No. 5 overall pick and their second round pick and still acquire a franchise quarterback.

    Who knows, if the Cardinals completely fall apart and end up with the worst record, the Eagles could be in a position where they have next year's No. 1 overall pick. If the Eagles were smart they would draft Andrew Luck, and then trade him to a desperate team for 2-3 first round picks.

    Again though, the likelihood of the Cardinals, with Kolb at QB, finishing the year with the worst record, is very unlikely, especially in the NFC West.

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