Random Thoughts: Week 3

Zane DanielsCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

The Bengals lost in an overtime heart breaker to the New York Giants 26-23 on a 22 yard field goal by John Carney. Although this is the third loss this season for the struggling Bengals, the offense that has been stagnate all season long played pretty well against a tough Giants defense. 

First, Levi Jones played horribly this afternoon. What happened to Levi Jones? The once Pro Bowl alternate hasn't played at a high level for two seasons. Is it too soon to start calling for Anthony Collins?

Second, for all you people out there that have been screaming for Carson Palmer to ride the pine in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick, that can now officially be put to rest. Carson finally moved the ball today for the first time all season connecting on 27 of 39 passes for 286 yards and one touchdown, all while being sacked 6 times.

Third, Chad "Ocho Cinco" or whatever the hell you are calling yourself today, if you didn't look stupid enough all off-season, you officially DO now! When is the Pro Bowl receiver going to get it together? If he wants to be paid like one of the top 5 receivers in the league then he better start preforming like one. I appreciate the fact that he has kept his mouth shut up until this point, but it is time we start seeing a little on the field.

Fourth, T.J. Houshmandzadeh needs to be re-signed TONIGHT! I guess I am a little bit biased considering T.J. is my favorite player in the NFL, but where would this team be without this guy? T.J. caught 12 balls for 146 yards and a touchdown. This guy just brings it every game and the Bengals would be smart to lock him up immediately!

Fifth, Although I don't think Cornerback David Jones played horribly, I am starting to miss Deltha O'Neal a little bit. Although is seems as if he didn't make much of an impact today in New England as  the Dolphins destroyed the Pats.

Sixth, Chris Perry played VERY well today....I am so glad we released Rudi Johnson. Now we need to take that 3 million we saved and give it to T.J.

Finally, where are the rookies? I am starting to really wonder. I cannot believe the Bengals drafted Jason Shirley, the 340 pound defensive lineman out of Fresno State, and they could think of a single situation where he would be more useful that Peko and Thornton as they watch Derrick Ward run all over the D. Andre Caldwell HAS TO be better at returning kicks than Glenn Holt. Jerome Simpson, Pat Simms and Anthony Collins need to get some time....I see them all playing VERY large roles in the near future.