Super Bowl 2011: How Jerry Jones Ruined a Super Bowl, or Was It the NFL?

J. Allen StatonCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2011

ARLINGTON, TX - FEBRUARY 01:  A view of Cowboys Stadium with outside before Super Bowl XLV Media Day on February 1, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. The Dallas area was hit with winter weather late yesterday evening causing road and school closures in the area.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As everyone has surely heard by now, the seating debacle heads the list of SNAFUs this week, but the entire Super Bowl experience was lacking for most of the fans.

Understanding there's nothing anyone could do about the weather, it's the lack of an organized response to the weather that most glaringly affected the fans of the Super Bowl.

There were party issues, funding problems for certain events and the utilizing of a Wal-Mart parking lot as the rendezvous point for the media.

Did you not think that was going to be made a punch line, Jerry? Come on!

The media described Arlington as anything but spectacular, calling it "dreary" and "dull." Peter King of Sports Illustrated called Arlington "a plow-less, snow-windswept moonscape." Jim Rome said, "Six inches of snow? Really, Dallas? Good luck getting another Super Bowl." Media correspondents nationwide blasted our fair burg for a very mediocre experience.

All weather issues aside, how do you do what they did with the seats? 1,200-plus seats were not ready?

There was nothing going on in Cowboys Stadium since the Cotton Bowl in early January. How was that place not PERFECT for the Super Bowl? A brand new, billion-dollar stadium can't be ready?

Now, I don't know if this issue truly falls on Jerry Jones or the NFL, but I know whose shoulders it's going to fall on in the court of public opinion.

Step forward, Mr. Jones.  

There were problems with concessions running out, problems getting through security, visibility issues and just overall poor planning on the part of the NFL and/or the Cowboys.

So having become pros at setting up and executing Super Bowls, why did the NFL screw this up so bad, if indeed it WAS the NFL making the poor decisions?

Two words: Attendance. Record.

Jerry Jones (and it was Jerry, not the NFL) wanted that record badly. Why he would want a record that is completely irrelevant and means nothing to anyone but him is a complete mystery. It's the Jerry Jones ego that has wreaked havoc on this Dallas Cowboys franchise for two decades that once again raises its ugly head to destroy any chance the D/FW area had of getting this Super Bowl back in the near future.

You would think that Jerry would learn his lesson, but failure after failure due to ego just seems to produce justification after justification. Head coach firing after head coach firing. Poor draft choice after poor draft choice.

Jerry brought in the man that awarded the organization three Super Bowls. He then fired that man and has made one titanic mistake after another for 15 years.

My Lord, are we tired of his act in Dallas. He's just a huge caricature of himself now and such a complete embarrassment to the organization he proclaims to love.

Now, might the money end up being the end all, be all for the NFL in determining whether or not to award a second Super Bowl to Dallas? Sure. Is the facility fit to host another Super Bowl? Absolutely. It's a sports palace.

Jerry Jones' actions, however, in attempting to squeeze every seat possible into places where seats shouldn't be, and the farce that was charging fans to watch the Super Bowl from the parking lot, will certainly not figure positively into that decision.

The game was great. The venue was great.

The cities involved and Jerry Jones should be ashamed. Jerry didn't have his face plastered all over the television before or after the game, which may be an indication that he actually is.

I wouldn't count on it though. His ego knows no bounds.