Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Should Be the Biggest Super Bowl Headline

Patrick Scott PattersonContributor IIFebruary 7, 2011

This photo of Aaron Rodgers should be at the top of Super Bowl stories today.  Who cares about the Black Eyed Peas?
This photo of Aaron Rodgers should be at the top of Super Bowl stories today. Who cares about the Black Eyed Peas?Al Bello/Getty Images

I was thrilled at a great Super Bowl game last night.  While not rooting for either team, it was a treat to see such a fast-paced, smashmouth football contest between two of the most storied franchises in NFL history.

I'm happy for Aaron Rodgers.  Very happy for him.  A talented quarterback for a number of years now, I would often sit in shock during television broadcasts and media stories about him.  Despite being the starting quarterback for the Packers for a few years now, it seemed that the shadow of Brett Favre continued to loom.

Stats would always be compared, Rodgers would be referred to as "the guy who followed" Favre way too often.  Even when Rodgers defeated the future Hall-of-Famer this season, the remarks continued.

I hoped to wake up today and see the smiling face of Aaron Rodgers hoisting up the Lombardi Trophy.  He won the big one, even with key injuries to starting teammates all year.  He finally got the Favre monkey off his back (no, not the one he allegedly sent in a text) by matching his Super Bowl victory count and winning the Super Bowl MVP title.

Instead, I wake up and browse a number of news sites to see something much different.  Rather than see Rodgers at the top of the story lists, I see blogs about the Super Bowl location, the halftime show, commercials and the National Anthem.

That's sad.  It's sad to see such a classic game, a game that came down to the final minute and saw superstars emerge overshadowed by glowing Black Eyed Peas outfits and Christina Aguilera's singing flub.

The Super Bowl is a football game.  Yes, I enjoyed seeing the big game played 30 miles away from my home in North Texas.  Yes, the ice storm that hit the area was a big deal this past week, and it's unfair that some judge the area based on this rare weather event.  Even Jerry Jones can't control the weather.

I enjoy the larger-than-life aspect of the Super Bowl, including the entertainment and commercials, as much as anyone.  If it was all stripped away, however, I wouldn't care.  I'm interested in the football game, not Fergie and Slash.

Let Aaron Rodgers be the big headline.  Let the Packers enjoy being the big news story of the day, with that shiny trophy held high and the confetti falling around them.   They earned it, and there is no reason I should have to dig through the front page of Yahoo! to find stories about the actual game while stories on commercials and singers are at the top of the main page.

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers and to you Aaron Rodgers.  Your performance far outshined any halftime show or weather event in this writer's eyes.