Green Bay Packers Win Super Bowl XLV: Wisconsin May Explode with Joy

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIFebruary 7, 2011

The Champ is HERE!
The Champ is HERE!Al Bello/Getty Images

Wow... Wow... 

Did anyone catch the Pam Oliver interview after the Super Bowl? Was anyone coherent enough to form a thought, or even speak/understand English, after this game? Was it Greg Jennings who could only say, "Wow... Wow...?" 


What a game! Going into the Super Bowl, I told anyone who would listen that this was going to be a tough game. The Steelers are a great team with the same devoted fans as the Packers. For as much as I wanted the Packers to win, not only to prove that my own personal Packer curse was broken, I worried that there were too many injuries, too many what-ifs. My worries were without merit, however. 

For all of the hardships that the Packers had during the regular season, they thrived and continued to fight—and continued to win. The only comparison that I could have of this game is to the epic Greek myths, where the hero faces a tremendous task, one that people say can't be accomplished without tremendous sacrifice. Then the hero completes the task, gets the girl and also gets all the wine.

The Packers did just that.

I cannot say how many emotions I had during this game. The first two quarters, up until the last two minutes before the half, were filled with joy. The Packers were winning and doing so with the greatest of ease. Then the Steelers seemed to realize that they were playing in the Super Bowl and woke up. And then the injuries to Charles Woodson, Donald Driver and Sam Shields happened...I started to worry.

The next two quarters were filled with lots of praying, lots of winces and lots of self-doubt. Manpig (my husband), in his divine, and ultimately inebriated, wisdom, looked at me with around 10 minutes left in the game and said, "You know what? I think you got the Packers curse back, Jack." I looked at him with horror in my eyes, to be honest, as I would never do anything to cause the Packers to lose.

It was time to bring in the big guns. My mom, Marlene, is the ultimate go-to girl for praying for the Packers. My phone line was burning up during the last two quarters. The conversations to my Mom went a little like this:

"MA! START PRAYING!" (FYI: She loves it when you call her MA! You must sound like a sheep when you say this. I have, when I was younger, been in a crowded, loud mall, during Christmas, with this woman. I went through the gamut with her: "Mom! Mother! Marlene!" She doesn't respond. Say "MA" one time, and she will turn ninja on you: Beware the consequences if you know my Mom.)

"Jacqueline Moen-Kadlec, stop calling me. Did you not realize that the PACKERS are playing in the Super Bowl? And you are BOTHERING ME! They are going to win. Now stop it."


"Quit watching the game then. Do you really need me to tell you this? Must I remind you of the Brett Favre Super Bowls?"


"I am hanging up now, Jackie. Really, this has to stop."

Indeed it did. Between cousins from out of state calling my mom, as well as my handy redial button, my mom nearly threatened bodily harm before I realized one thing: The Packers won the Super Bowl.

Screams erupted in my tiny Wisconsin town, especially in my house. Manpig, who had started celebrating the Super Bowl a few hours earlier than he should have after finding an additional stash of Old Milwaukee that was hidden in the snow, was roused from a deep slumber by his hysterical nearly six-foot-tall wife running through the house.

The phone, which my mom may hide during the next football season, was dialed to family members who said that the Packers were going to lose (as a side note, there was no response...this family member may never answer my phone calls ever again). The beagle, who is also a Vikings fan (she looks good in purple, what can I say), has taken off to higher ground.

The Lombardi Trophy is coming back to Green Bay.

Peace has been restored to the land of Wisconsin. Hangovers will abound tomorrow, and work productivity may be the weakest it has ever been.

And really, the halftime show? Do I need to mention Slash? Come on now. You have to admit that was awesome.

So, with all that being said, let's look towards the future, shall we?

The Green Bay Packers are the champions. Aaron Rodgers can really wear the belt now (and it would look fantastic with his uniform—if anyone can pull this off, Mr. Aaron Rodgers can). Additionally, can the network analysts PLEASE stop comparing Aaron Rodgers to Brett Favre now? Please?

Clay Matthews can complete his transformation into the one of the most vicious, and respected, defensive players in the league. I loved Kevin Greene's comment to Clay Matthews: "It's time, Clay. Now is the time."

Indeed it was, and indeed he did prove that it was time. Unleash the beast, Clay. Please continue with your domination and destruction of quarterbacks everywhere.

Jordy Nelson, you have just guaranteed that babies in Wisconsin will be named after you. Either you or Tramon Williams. It will happen.

Frank Zombo...took down Big Ben...please see the above paragraph. Zombo Nelson, anyone?

Words cannot express how great this game was or how proud the fans of the Green Bay Packers are of the team and the staff. We wait for our team to return to Wisconsin, back to the real Frozen Tundra.

Guys, you will never have to pay for a beer in the State of Wisconsin ever again. Believe it.

With that being said, I can't wait until the fall. I hope.


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