Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay's Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Joe TroncaleContributor IFebruary 6, 2011

Won't you be my friend?
Won't you be my friend?Jamie Squire/Getty Images

How can you let a team out of the hole to start the second half in the biggest game ever, have all the momentum turn around, have your defensive backs get decimated by injuries, have your receivers drop passes and still pull it out? Ask Mr. Rodgers. 

Aaron Rodgers' ability to overcome adversity during the game was actually pretty amazing. If it had been me, I would have been too busy hating on my receivers and the remaining defensive backs to concentrate on winning the Super Bowl. Give Rodgers credit for being able to forgive his teammates with high jersey numbers and keep moving on. 

Green Bay's defense has to be given a little credit, as they were able to hold off a lot of near misses by the Pittsburgh offense. Early on, Mendenhall was not able to get around the corner, and the big plays were not there in enough numbers for the Steelers.

The offenses definitely ruled the day. Everybody who bet on the "under" was out by the early fourth quarter.

So even when Pittsburgh scored and went for two successfully with about eight minutes to go, the first play for Green Bay ended in a sack. Green Bay seemed to abandon the run which gave Pittsburgh even more time for a comeback.

But every time you thought Green Bay was about to hand it back to Pittsburgh, Rodgers came back with a big play. Even when Nelson couldn't catch the touchdown pass and Green Bay had to settle for a field goal, Pittsburgh was still alive. A 32 -31 Pittsburgh win was certainly possible.

But Pittsburgh committed a personal foul on the kickoff and put themselves in a hole at the two-minute warning. The Pittsburgh offense could not come through in the clutch.

I'll be your friend, Mr. Rodgers.