2008 Playsoffs. What Will Happen!

Zack JohnsonContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

N.L and A.L Central:

Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox

N.L and A.L East:

Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays

N.L and A.L West:

Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim

N.L and A.L Wild Card:

New York Mets and Boston Red Sox

With the Cubs most likely going to have the Home Field advantage and will play the Wild Card, I think it will be the New York Mets vs the Chicago Cubs. Cubs take series 3-1.

Phillies vs Dodgers, Phillies as hot as they have been the Dodgers are a contender. But Phillies want revenge. Phillies 3-0

Los Angeles Angels of Anihem vs the Boston Red Sox. Angels are going to think of it as a breeze through and have a tough series against the Sox. But pull it out 3-2

Tampa Bay Rays vs White Sox. White Sox have there number but not this time. Rays 3-1.

NLCS GAME:Cubs vs Phillies. Chicago Cubs want to take care of some unfinished business. Cubbies take it 4-1.

ALCS GAME: Rays Vs Angels. Angles just stem roll through and take the series 5-0. K-Rod with 3 saves in the series.

WORLD SERIES: Cubs vs Angles. Angles come out with the first win, while the cubs take the next three 2nd one at Angels stadium and next 2 at Wrigley. Then the Angels take another one at home. Then the 6th game Cubs win it at home. Parade will be bigger then the Bears parade and the Cubs end the drought.