Knowshon Moreno: Who Will Complete the Broncos Backfield In 2011?

Holden BurkContributor IFebruary 8, 2011

Knowshon Moreno: Who Will Complete the Broncos Backfield In 2011?

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    779 yards.

    Over the 13 games of the 2011 season that Knowshon Moreno was healthy enough to play, he rushed for a mere 779 yards.  For Denver fans those numbers might be a little more bitter when you look at the 1,177 yards Peyton Hillis racked up this year.   Oh well. 779 isn't so terrible.  However when you're the 12th pick in the 1st round there are some expectations that come with that. 

    Along with the assumption that Moreno will be returning next year I'm going to take the leap to assume that Denver will bring in a complimentary back to spice things up.  That's right, get excited because here are five RB's that I think Denver needs to take a serious look at.

    Also, I do realize that almost all of my options are based on a pending collective bargaining agreement, but lets look past that for now.


DeAngelo Williams

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    Yea. I know he's the obvious choice out of free agency because of the Fox-connection.  Why not?  We brought in enough coaches from Carolina. It'll probably feel like home-sweet-home.  Maybe a little colder.

    The concern here is that Carolina has the option to throw a franchise tag on him.  However it's doubtful this will happen and more likely that we will have to spend some real money to reel him in. 

    I like this option for alot of reasons.  Williams is a solid back.  He's big, fast and I like the idea of bringing a big name RB to Denver again.  We also know that he fits into Fox's system well.  He's more physical than Moreno so they should compliment each other well.

Michael Bush

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    As a seconday back to Darren McFadden in Oakland Bush put up 655 yards in 14 games.  When you compare those numbers to Moreno they're pretty interchangeable. 

    Now Imagine those numbers together in the 2011 season for Denver.  1,434.  Not too shabby.  I like Bush and his run style. He's powerful, may be lacking a little explosiveness, but is still a solid tandem option. Not to mention he would probably be a fairly inexpensive choice for Denver. 

    I also think Oakland is going to have their hands full with free agent signings.  Bush might slip right through the cracks and into the Broncos' laps.

Ahmad Bradshaw

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    As a member of the New York Giants Bradshaw put up 1,235 yards this year. Good numbers.  This guy is a solid every down back minus one thing:  fumbles!  This year he had seven of them and six went the other way which makes it a little more painful. 

    The Giants don't seem to have given up on Bradshaw despite his slippery hands, but if they do Denver will have some serious convincing to do.  Not to mention having a big check to write.  I like the idea of Bradshaw but he seems to be a little far fetched.

DeMarco Murray

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    Stepping outside of free agency and looking at the draft I like Murray.  I watched him play this year and I like the way he runs.  He's no Adrian Peterson but he has had a solid collegiate career under Bob Stoops at Oklahoma University. 

    Now I know that this draft needs to be about defense. However I think we might aquire a few more picks through trading players or trading down draft spots.  If we were to end up with a spare pick I think we need to go after a TE or a RB.  It would probably cost us a mid 4th round pick to land Murray.  Totally worth it.

Reggie Bush

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    Reggie Bush was a beast in college.  In the NFL he never quite lived up to people's expectations of him.  Not to say that he hasnt had reasonable success, he just never became the franchise back that blew up the field like we wanted. 

    It seems that Bush may not have a home in New Orleans like he wants next year and in that case I think he would fit in Denver.  As a secondary back he would give Moreno a break and could be a solid 3rd down back.  One of the things I see fitting best are Bush's recieving skill set and Tim Tebows need for a back to make check down throws too.  He should come with a reasonable price tag too.

There Are Endless Possibilities.

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    These are a few of the RBs that I could see coming into Denver and being a difference maker.  I also realize that its very possible that none of these transactions will happen, but its fun to speculate.  Feel free to leave comments on other RBs you think would fit into Denver's new scheme.  Thanks for reading.