Super Bowl Kickoff Time And 10 Other Things Fair Weather NFL Fans Don't Know

Ross ColemanAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2011

Super Bowl Kickoff Time And 10 Other Things Fair Weather NFL Fans Don't Know

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    Super Bowl Kickoff Time: 10 Things NFL Fans Wish Their Fair Weather Friends Would Quit Bugging Them About

    The Super Bowl always brings out some less than knowledgeable NFL fans. Well, I always enjoy teaching those who are trying to learn about sports. 

    The most asked question on the day before the Super Bowl is always, "What time does the game start?" That is easy enough. 6:29 PM Eastern, 5:29 PM Central, 4:29 PM Mountain, 3:29 PM Pacific, and 12:29 PM Hawaiian.

    That's right, we here at Bleacher Report are looking out for everyone.

    Here are 10 other things that Fair Weather NFL Fans don't know.

What Is That Yellow Line?

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    This is a great question with a few little complex layers.

    The most basic way to answer this one is that the line is a representation of where the yardline to gain is on the field.

    That might sound a little complicated, but really it is not that tough.

    The team with the ball has four tries to get the ball past that line. If they don't, the other team gets the ball.

    Any other questions that this might raise can be answered here.

What Is Play-Action?

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    Here we go, some real football terminology that we are sure to hear come Super Bowl Sunday.

    According to, a play-action pass is "A pass play where the quarterback fakes a handoff to a running back while he's dropping back to pass."

    This play is a very common play in NFL games. Usually it is utilized when a team is having success running the football. The play-action fake will typically bring up some of the deeper defensive players and allow the offense to find an open player to throw the ball to.

What Is a Fair Catch?

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    A fair catch is something that usually occurs when one team punts the ball to the other, but it can also happen on kickoffs.

    Basically the player fielding the kick calls for a fair catch when he has no desire to advance the ball after successfully catching it.

    The player signals for the fair catch by waving his hand over his head. This also informs the defense that he cannot be hit by a defensive player.

What Is Pass Interference?

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    Honestly, if you can figure out what pass interference is, you are ahead of most football fans.

    Pass interference is the most subjective penalty in sports.

    Basically players are not allowed to interfere with their opponent's ability to catch a pass. Pass interference usually is called on defensive players, but the offensive player can also be called for this one.

    For a better explanation head over here.

What Are the NFC and AFC?

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    The NFC and AFC are the conferences that all NFL teams are split into.

    NFC stands for National Football Conference and AFC stands for American Football Conference.

    With 32 teams in the NFL, there are 16 teams in each conference. The Super Bowl pits the NFC Champions against the AFC Champions.

What's With The Hair?

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    When I was doing research for this slideshow I asked my mom, who is not a die-hard football fan, what are some things that she wishes someone would explain to her about football. The first thing she said is, "What is the deal with that hair? That one guy looks like he could be in a shampoo commercial."

    Well, the guys she was asking about were Troy Polamalu of the Steelers and Clay Matthews of the Packers and both of them have sponsorship deals with shampoo companies. Polamalu has been in a number of shampoo commercials and it is just a matter of time before Matthews is in one.

    But to answer the question, beats the hell out of me!

What Is a Blitz?

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    A blitz is the term for a defensive tactic. It occurs when a defensive player other than someone on the defensive line decides to forgo his normal responsibilities and rush the quarterback instead.

    This is a term that anyone watching the Super Bowl will have to learn quickly because both teams like to blitz a lot.

    For more on blitzing head over here.

What Is a Steeler and What Is a Packer?

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    The Steelers and Packers are both named for their local industries.

    For Pittsburgh you have the local Steel industry, thus the Steelers were born.

    In Green Bay you have the local Packing industry, thus the Packers were born.

What Is the Steeler's Logo and Why Is It Only on One Side?

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    The Steelers have a very distinctive helmet and logo combination.

    The logo was taken from the logo for Pittsburgh's US Steel. It was made to get the team in better connection with the local steel workers.

    The reason the logo appears on only one side of the helmet is because according to Wikipedia, "longtime field and equipment manager Jack Hart was instructed to do this by Art Rooney as a test to see how the logo appeared on the gold helmets; however, its popularity led the team to leave it that way permanently."

    They are the only team in the NFL that currently has that style of helmet.

Who Is Going to Win?

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    Your guess is as good as mine!